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For a lot of people with chronic disease, the inability to work is a difficult and frustrating reality. Contrary to common misconceptions that not working must be "nice." или must be like taking an "extended vacation," the lack of a job for medical reasons can have significant consequences on a person's sense if identity--not to mentions finances and interpersonal relationships.

Writer Randy Jernigan recently shed some light on this reality while he was a guest on Donny Max's 'Lets Talk About It' radio program out of Seattle. Randy, who has been diagnosed with End Stage Renal Failure, Chronic...
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 Ellen DeGeneres Bio
Ellen DeGeneres Bio
Celebrity biographer and Письмо coach, Randy Jernigan, this week admitted to a national radio audience that he has recently suffered total kidney failure, resulting in weekly dialysis and a drastic change in his life and schedule.

The 'Losing to Win!' Автор has been forced to postpone a number of professional commitments this month, explaining that his life was "turned upside down" when two сердце attacks and renal failure cause him to be placed on weekly kidney dialysis for his survival

"This год has been a rough one for me,": the Автор confessed to his radio audience. "The good news is I'm...
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1. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

Like, duh.

In my opinion, it's both the best YA series ever and the best Фэнтези series ever. Why? Harry Potter is the best of everything - the best characters, the best plots, the best writing.

The characters are people Ты can fall in Любовь with, and not just the main Герои and the main villains. Even еще minor characters are pretty extensively developed, like Snape, Pettigrew, Neville, even Dean или Seamus. They all have histories and quirks and unique personalities and very few authors are able to so vividly create such a huge cast of characters.

Similarly, the...
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