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 This is Kristina Pimenova.
This is Kristina Pimenova.
Эй, guys! Sorry, raven_beauty isn't here. But I'm sure you'll be excited, because my name is Kristina Pimenova! Ты can call me Kristie P. Gaw! Ever heard of me? I'm the prettiest girl in the world! Yeah, if you've ever heard of me, you'll know why they call me the prettiest girl in the world.

Anyway, this'll be interesting. When I joined Fanpop, I didn't know what my Имя пользователя would be. Then I got the idea of raven_beauty. It was perfect because I was a big Фан of Raven from Teen Titans Go, and I am beautiful. But Fanpop сказал(-а) the Имя пользователя was already taken! But then I recognized raven_beauty...
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Note: The Powerpuffs and Rowdyruffs are teenagers.
Brick- I'm hungry
Boomer- Shut up stupid
Brick- Ты calling me stupid, stupid?!
Boomer- Don't pick a fight with me! If Ты want a fight, go and piss off Buttercup! She's like the best fighter ever!!
Brick- Fine, stupid
*Brick flies away*
Brick- Yo, Buttercup!
Buttercup- Shut up, f*cking b**ch
Brick- Hey, don't say bad words
Buttercup- Oh, yeah, like Ты know how to be nice
Brick *angry*- I am nice!
Buttercup- Hah! Then Kiss a girl here, any girl!
Brick- *thinks* I have to teach her a lesson!
So Brick kissed Buttercup.................on the lips.
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 Awww, they are SO cute!!!!
Awww, they are SO cute!!!!
Note: Please pay attention to whose POV it is, we'll be switching POVS a lot.

Narrator: Ahhhh, Valentine's Day. The день for love, peace, and kindness. Why, let's look at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten and see the Любовь spreading!
Buttercup: Ew, Valentine's день is soooooo mushy!
Blossom: Buttercup, try to enjoy today! It's Valentine's Day! It's time to love!
Buttercup: So?
Bubbles: And it's time to kiss! (giggles)
Buttercup: And.....?
Blossom and Bubbles: And it's Valentine's Day, that's wassup, Buttercup!
Narrator: Oh, no! It looks like some kind of eeeee-vil is sneaking up behind our precious Girls! Oh thank...
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Kaoru's P.O.V.

My name is Kaoru Matsubara and I'm on a дата with Brick Jojo.
I know you're wondering how I got into this mess.
Two girls known as Momoko and Miyako set me up on a дата with him.
Reason: I don't know but I guess I can kind of thank them on the process.

Way Earlier
Miyako's P.O.V.

"Momoko-san come here and look at what I found it's Kaoru's Sketch Book" I сказал(-а) as I handed Momoko the Sketch Book.
"Shall we see what big tough Kaoru draws in there?" Momoko says and I nod right away.
"Look she even wrote a таблица of contents in here, How helpful we can find out what is in each page." сказал(-а) Momoko....
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Note: The Powerpuffs and Rowdyruffs are teenagers.
Brick- Wow I Любовь Buttercup. Wait what am I saying?! I'm supposed to Любовь Blossom! Eh, but we're not getting married или anything...
Brick has fallen in Любовь with Buttercup!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brick- But what'll happen if Butch finds out? He loves her! Man I better go talk to Boomer....
Brick finds Boomer coloring a pretty picture.
Brick- Boomer I need your help!
Boomer- What is it?
Brick- Remember when I fought Buttercup?
Boomer- Where are Ты taking this?
Brick- Well I fought her, and she, uh, beat me up, and........ ITHINKIFELLINLOVEWITHHER!!!!!!
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(were ganna start with Blossom and Booomer at the lake. Boomer walks up behind Blossom) Boomer:Blossom? Blossom:Boomer? Wat are Ты doing here? Boomer:I want to see Ты I have to tlk to you..... Blossom:Boomer dont wast your time on me nobody likes me thay just want me there for my brain ,and ...... Boomer :Blossom your perfect the way Ты are ,and I dont care wat anyone says bout Ты your my Избранное girl!! And I Любовь you! Blossom:Hum......*tought*I like Brick right? Im I falling for Boomer ? Ya ill just let it go...*end tought* Boomer: I Любовь Ты and I know Ты may like Brick ,but I can give...
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(okay were with Brick and Buttercup at the park) Buttercup:So Brick wat do Ты want to tlk bout? *tought* plz aske me out!!!*end tought* Brick :Well....Um...I realy like Ты Buttercup and I think.... Buttercup:Brick?!?!?!?! Um I like Ты 2....But Ты think wat? Brick:And I think that me and Ты could work. Buttercup:Uh...Brick? Brick:Wat is it Buttercup? Buttercup:We cant tell Blossom..... Brick:Why? Buttercup:She likes you,she told me this morning..It almost broke my heart,and I tought Ты liked her back.....Brick:Wat? Me like ur sisster????She uptight ,sorry. Buttercup:I know thats why me...
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We now continue our story when the Rowdyruff Boys fell in Любовь with Buttercup. When the Powerpuff Girls were flying home, Blossom was worried because she knew that the Rowdyruff Boys fell in Любовь with Buttercup. And she was in Любовь with Brick, so that made it worse. Bubbles didn't know anything about the incident. She was just flying Главная happily. But then Blossom told her about the Rowdyruff Boys in Любовь with Buttercup. Bubbles gasped. She had a crush on a Rowdyruff Boy, too! Boomer! Bubbles was so shocked she stopped flying and started falling out of the sky, saying ",God, please, death come...
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The Powerpuff Girls were lounging around in their room when the Mayor called. "Powerpuff Girls!", he cried. "There's been a bank robbery!!!!" " Really? Where? " asked Blossom. "At the bank!" " We're on it, Mayor! " The Girls flew toward the bank and landed there. It was the Rowdyruff Boys! "Well" , сказал(-а) Brick. "I see the Powerpuff LOOZAHS have arrived to "do good and spread justice!" ",Yeah!" сказал(-а) Boomer. Brick slapped him. " Owwwww! " "Ooooohhhh, I'm so scared!!" snickered Butch. Then, when Buttercup started getting mad, the Boys noticed it. Buttercup's beautiful brunette hair, her big muscles,...
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