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posted by ggseason8
Okay, in my opinion, Braley is way better, but some people disagree, and that is cool everyone likes something different, but this is why I like Braley:



Haley's Nickname: Tutor Girl
Brooke's Nickname: Tigger/Pretty Girl

Brooke's Mom and/or dad is always gone.
Haley's mom and dad are always gone.

Brooke has had Peyton mad at her.
Haley has had Peyton mad at her.

Brooke loves Jamie and Lucas
Haley loves Jamie and Lucas

Brooke has kissed Chris Keller
Haley has kissed Chris Keller


Haley has slept with Nathan
Brooke has slept with Nathan

Haley has been mad at Brooke.

Those are the reason's why I like Brooke and Haley! Ты may not, but that is why I do!