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Холм одного дерева
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
Disclaimer: dont own anything, not oth или nothing. dedicated to nem, Любовь ya girly, Ты are the bratty to my broody. the Название is totally inspired by another Статья here, i think by eka but its been so long that i cant exactly remember.

Chapter One – Counting

Peyton P0V

It has been two years, eight months, three weeks and two days since I was last in дерево Hill.

I’ve been counting.

There were many reasons why I left and cut contact with my friends, the main one being is I didn’t like the person I was becoming. I use to be strong and independent and I had found myself depending too much on...
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posted by Chlarkfan
Ok so i hate peyton soo much of course Ты know that =] There are MILLIONS of reasons why i absoloutly cant STAND HER!!!

1.In the first season she cheats on her BEST Друзья boyfriend.BUt that is not the worst part. When brooke tells peyton "I'm falling for him" and also that she likes him alot she still has an on going affair behind her back.She also gets made a brooke for being mad at her!!

2.In the 3rd season she tells brooke that she still has feeling for lucas. I know that she was trying to be honest but she сказал(-а) to brooke that she wont hurt her right after the shooting WERE LUCAS&PEYTON...
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