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livelovelaugh posted on Jun 12, 2008 at 06:42PM
For the fans of the Ultimate amazing Couple. Introduce yourself and start talking =)

Ok so heres the deal if you dont come on in a long time the chances are i will delete you from the list so people dont get cofused.

If you belong to the group of medal whores (you all know who you are) you will also get removed from the list we dont acept people like that on fanpop at all never mind on our forum! sorry to be a bitch but its something that shouldnt happen and it does so if you are part of the medal whores you should eb ashamed of yourself!

so basically this forum is to come and talk to BL fans. You can talk about what ever you want seriously anything at all. if you wanna vent about something then do it thats what this is here for.

im gonna make a list here of the regular users and there real names so if your new you can see who everyone is.

Livelovelaugh - Dawn 240
Brattynemz - Nem 201
Dermer4ever - Terra 170
Sophialover - Mary 224
1treehillfan - Alice 111
Brucas4ever - Hannah 281
Cas_Cat2 - Cat or Catia 116
Janni - Janni 335
Broody_4_Cheery - meikei 88
Mollyx365 - Molly or lou 92
TSOYPRA - Vicky 32
Chlarkfan - Jellena 16
jennifer_02 - Jen 2
OMGitsBrooke - Leyla
Isabellaaa - Bella
xoheartinohioxo - Holly
MONlovesBRUCAS - Mon

(i know ive forgot some jus let me know lol)

 For the Фаны of the Ultimate amazing Couple. Introduce yourself and start talking =) Ok so heres the
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Больше года RoXanne4Brucas said…
Lol Alice..don't worry.You don't know me but I heard about you.=]And rating stuff it's not such a big deal for me.
Hy kristina!
 LOL Alice..don't worry.You don't know me but I heard about you.=]And rating stuff it's not such a big
Больше года kristinabetty said…
hey alice that is not my name is yeah it has
Больше года RoXanne4Brucas said…
OMG! Was that an eyesexage?..yeah it was=]..And I didn't cheat..impressive..LOL=]
Больше года kristinabetty said…
hey roxy!!
Больше года livelovelaugh said…
i gtg for now should be back later
Больше года 1treehillfan said…
You've heard of me?
I feel like a freaking ROCKSTAR.
How did you hear of me?
Let me bask in my fanpop glory!
Hahahah wow I am sad.

Yes I know it is, Kristina.
Its a nickname.
Get it?
"Hahahha funny" xP
Больше года 1treehillfan said…
No, Dawn!
Alright :(
Больше года Cas_Cat_2 said…
big smile
LMAO Alice. xD
All rated hun. <33

And hi Krissy. <33
You're back! ;D
Больше года Cas_Cat_2 said…
Ohh. =[
Bye Dawn, LY! <33
Больше года 1treehillfan said…
Thanks Cat<33
Need anything for me to rate?
Больше года kristinabetty said…
Alice that is not my name it can be krissy but not that one

bye dawn

wheres cat
Больше года Cas_Cat_2 said…
big smile
I'm here hun. ;D
Больше года 1treehillfan said…
I can't call you Betty Boop?
Besides I can't call you Krissy thats what I call Kristine!!!

Yay Kitty Cat!
Больше года Cas_Cat_2 said…
Maybe some Tim/Lyla link if you don't mind hun. ^^
Больше года kristinabetty said…
hey cat yeah im back i told u i would be
Больше года dermer4ever said…
Hey I am back

Hey Alice
Больше года Cas_Cat_2 said…
I'm happy you're back. :D
Больше года RoXanne4Brucas said…
Good things Alice.xD
Don't worry!
Больше года kristinabetty said…
no alice that i horrible think of another one
Больше года 1treehillfan said…
Whats up with this new obsession with Tim/Lyla?
Everyone likes them all of a sudden and IDK who they are!
But sure kitty cat -goes to rate- xD

Ewww Dermy I was watching this 82 letters parody with that program and I wanted to kill the maker.
So I rated it one.
Grr that makes me angry.

LOL well thats good Roxanne;D
Больше года kristinabetty said…
hey terra and thank you cat
Больше года 1treehillfan said…
You are Betty now.
So deal with it xP
Больше года Cas_Cat_2 said…
LOL Alice. xD
I like them for a more or less long time now. x)
They're from Friday Night Lights, i think you would like it. :P
Больше года dermer4ever said…
Oh No Alice you didn't stupid and the make of that one is a Brucas fan
Больше года kristinabetty said…
alice no that is stupid

FNL is amazing!! AND so r Tim and lyla
Больше года 1treehillfan said…
No Dermy.
They are a total leyton fan.
Watch it!
Its fucking retarted.
Its total trashing of Brooke.

All rated, Cat!
Больше года dermer4ever said…
why do they need to get that i don't get why people have to trash on Brooke like that i understand not every one likes her but you should learn not to trash her because all of her fans will get pissed.
Больше года 1treehillfan said…

Gahhh it totally irks me when people who already have fanatics like add all the new brucas vids.
Its like you already have the highest medal, let me get it!
Больше года 1treehillfan said…
I know Dermy!!!
Its so fucking retarted.
Like are you fucking serious?
Your trashing Brooke but all supportive of Peyton?
I like Peyton but lets be honest- Brooke pwns Peyton any day.
Больше года Cas_Cat_2 said…
LOL Alice. xD
Больше года 1treehillfan said…
Its not stupid, Betty :)
Больше года kristinabetty said…
yeah i agree alice but i dont agree with that name
last edited Больше года
Больше года 1treehillfan said…
Больше года dermer4ever said…
Alice you are right she does i mean i love Peyton but some fans think Peyton can do know wrong but the minute Brooke does something wrong they get on here and complain.

Oh the new one are some are complaining about the slutty wedding sex jeez.
Больше года kristinabetty said…
i edited it i wasnt talking about the name alice i was talking about ur opinion on brooke and peyton
Больше года Cas_Cat_2 said…
People are complaining about the slutty wedding sex? :|

I think they're just jealous. ;D
 People are complaining about the slutty wedding sex? :| LOL. I think they're just jealous. ;D
Больше года dermer4ever said…

that is what i am talking about and so what Naley is having sex in the bathroom they do not get anything anymore their is more to the show than Leyton
Больше года kristinabetty said…
i agree terra
Больше года 1treehillfan said…
I looove that icon Cat xP

Yeah I know you were, Betty.
You have made your feelings perfectly clear.

I hate the wedding sex!!!
I don't even want to think about how gross it is!!
Больше года Cas_Cat_2 said…
I'm really pissed right now. :@
Больше года dermer4ever said…
Why cat

Good news Bethy and S got they pinja dedicated medals
Больше года kristinabetty said…
Thats right i did alice so stop calling me that
Больше года kristinabetty said…
thats good for them
Больше года 1treehillfan said…
Pinja dedicateds<3

Nope I can't sorry, Betty.

GRRR that elina chick makes me so pissed.
Больше года dermer4ever said…
Alice i agree with what you said on that pick it is just stupid and so what they have sex in the bathroom who cares they never get anything and aren't a lot of leyton fans naley fans also over at othforums the leytoners are happy about it.
Больше года Cas_Cat_2 said…
Because of what they are saying about Naley, calling them horny animals. They would be JUMPING if it was Leyton.

Seriously, comments like this only make me hate LP even more!

And Alice, i'm gonna pretend that i don't read that. lol
Больше года 1treehillfan said…
Yeah I know like WTF your couple is getting married stop whining.
Больше года kristinabetty said…
Больше года dermer4ever said…
Cat i know and i know some Lpers who are happy about the Naley sex i mean their couple is getting married but no other couple can do anything else if it messes with Leyton and i am not saying they are all like that
Больше года 1treehillfan said…
LOL sorry Cat :)