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by Sandra Gonzalez
Categories: Movie Biz, News, Remakes

Today, Warner Bros. announced plans to remake 1992′s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which gave birth to the much-loved Sarah Michelle Gellar-headed TV series (which we all still worship unashamedly).

While details are sparse, filmmakers claim the movie would not revisit the vampire slayer’s high school days, attempting instead to capture the “witty, tough, and sexy” heroine in a new way. The team behind the project includes Dark Knight producer Charles Roven and relative newcomer Whit Anderson. The movie could hit theaters in 2012 или late 2011, according to the L.A. Times.

What do Ты say, readers? Is it time to bring Buffy back from the dead?
On the DVD's of BtVS there are Easter Eggs. Here is a guide to find some of them

1. Season 6, Disc 2

On the секунда DVD select the episode 'Once еще With Feeling.' In the following screen go to the 'Language Selection' and there highlight the menu entry 'English for the hearing-impaired.' Now press the 'Left' Стрела key on your remote control and the Buffy 'B' will be highlighted giving Ты access to 3-minutes worth of footage from the soundtrack signing at Tower Records in Los Angeles.

2. Season 6, Disc 5

On the fifth disc select the episode 'Normal Again' and then go to the 'Language Selection.'...
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posted by willow96
the scoobies after buffy's death put the buffybot to kill and they doesn't say to anyone anything!willow tara xander and anya do a spell and bring buffy back they believed that she was in hell but buffy tells only to spike that she had been in heaven!willow does to much magig and that is why tara leaves her.giles goes to england.buffy kisses spike and she does sex with him a lot of times but she doesn't Любовь him.xander leaves anya at the church and she does sex with spike.buffy tells that she was in heaven and three nords worren jonathan and andriou want to hurt buffy but finally they kill tara and that makes willow back to magic to kill them she kills worren and the scoobies protect the others.willow is really bad and wants to destroy the world!xander tallks to her and she is ok and spike went and did some challenges to take his soul!
 Our hottie!
Our hottie!
Okay, so we all know Spike is the most beautiful of all the beautiful Вампиры (and humans) on this earth. Let's take a look at all the fine points of this hottie shall we?

1. We'll start with his body type and height. One of the many great thing about JM is that he's not the tallest of the bunch, but he's strong, muscular, and toned. His shortness is part of his charm too. He doesn't make the girls he's with look midgets, like say David usually does (especially with Sarah. Another point for Spuffiers!). And, nothing, I repeat NOTHING, is like a shirtless Spike!

2. Most of Spike's beauty comes...
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 Buffy in all seven seasons
Buffy in all seven seasons
Buffy Anne Summers was born 19 January 1981, probably in Los Angeles, to Joyce and Hank Summers.
She was arrested for burning down the gym of Hemery High School in Los Angeles, and her parents checked her into a mental health facility when she tried to tell them about vampires. Shortly afterward, Buffy's parents divorced, and she moved to Sunnydale with her mother, Joyce. Buffy too, wanted to make a new start.
On her first день at Sunnydale High, however, she met the school librarian, Rupert Giles, who turned out to be her new watcher, sent to resume her training and ensure that she follow...
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posted by adwbuffy
 Buffy will face The Master and she will die
Buffy will face The Master and she will die
Любовь is stronger than death even though it can't stop death from happening, but no matter how hard death tries it can't separate people from love. It can't take away our memories either. In the end, life is stronger than death.”

This quote reminds me about "Buffy Anne Summers" in the beginning of her new life in Sunnydale she was a newbie slayer in her Sophomore год in High School. Until she met the master and learning the prohercy of a slayer. As soon as Buffy came to face to face of the Master, she was drained and killed by the Master, until Xander gave her life back. When she was back...
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I am very sorry for the long delay for the 20-11, it has been an extremely difficult couple of months at uni, with big loads of coursework and exams so its taken me a while to get down to it.

As many of Ты know we created a Форум page in which Fanpopper’s listed their вверх 20 Buffyverse characters. The results were tallied and the в общем и целом, общая result was I have to admit different to what I imagined. I hope Ты enjoy the read, and please this is a collective of favourite characters not my own so no blaming me if your favourite character is not number 1.


20. Angelus

Angelus, meaning...
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posted by ArabellaElfie
I feel the need to preface this. First of all, I don’t write poetry. I’ve never been even remotely decent at it but I sort of like the way part of this came out. It was written while sitting outside for about six hours while I was trying to come up with anything at all for Ariel’s Spuffy Фан fiction event. As far as rhyme scheme - let’s pretend it’s very, very free verse ;F Enjoy.

Dance Card

Came to town
To slay a Slayer
To please my Dark Princess
Cure her of her deathly ills
While on my newest conquest

A Slayer’s blood is rich and ripe
Just like the girl herself
Succulent and Sweet, ruby...
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Welcome to the Hellmouth/the Harvest:

Scene: This song plays as Joyce drives Buffy to school
Song: No Герои
Artist: The Master Источник
Album: Not available

Scene: This song plays as Buffy tries on her clothes
Song: Saturated
Artist: Sprung Monkey
Album: Swirl

Scene: This song is performed in The Bronze as Buffy enters
Song: Believe
Artist: Sprung Monkey
Album: Swirl

Scene: This song is performed in The Bronze
Song: Swirl
Artist: Sprung Monkey
Album: Swirl

Scene: This song is performed in The Bronze as Buffy goes to save Willow
Song: Things Are Changing
Artist: Sprung Monkey
Album: Swirl

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Okay, so far got a couple of users want to Присоединиться the "Spuffy Competition".. Thank Ты for particating. Now just finished my thoughts for questions..

I've been having this feeling that this event will happen with out no interruptions или delays.. Thank Ты for thoses that I want this event.. I can really tell that Ты want a Spuffy Oscars, Graphics Contest, & QUESTIONS..Too.

Here are ALL 25 Вопросы of Spuffy:

1) What episode does Spike Показать his appearance to Buffy?

2) Why did Spike strike an alliance with Buffy to defeat Angel?

3) What episode does Spike get his chip?

4) How many dreams...
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 Settings Right After This Moment Of Spuffy "Chosen"
Settings Right After This Moment Of Spuffy "Chosen"
Эй, fans, I know that I wrote the same Статья in Spuffy spot. So, I suggested to put this in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Heres your opportunity to create your own Фан Fiction on Buffy & Spike the Hottest Couple of all time from the smashed hit series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Its a great opportunity to support Ты ideas on BuffyVerse или the comics. The Challenge is based on Ты basically building great ideas for the lovely couple Spike & Buffy.

What Ты Do?

First, Ты need to spread your ideas from things that Ты read или see about the couple. For helpful ideas on this. If Ты Любовь Spuffy...
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This is my review of the show. When I had heard about Buffy, a huge Показать that envolves with Witches, Vampires, and Slayers. But when I heard that Sarah Michelle Gellar was playing a vampire slayer. I knew this Показать is going to be great with a powerful actress.


When I first started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer I was smart that I watch the first season to understand the Показать better. In the beginning for me was absolutely good, a lot of drama, passion and romantic scenes for Buffy & Angel. The Показать in the beginning was very intense for all the characters especially for...
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 "We're Family" (image credit: stillamempty @ LJ)
"We're Family" (image credit: stillamempty @ LJ)
First let me clarify the Название of this article. I did not mean BtVS Фаны who have "diehard" metals on Fanpop. I mean BtVS Фаны who truly appreciate the show, and who stubbornly and vigorously defend it. The people who live their lives consumed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Whenever I meet someone that loves Buffy the Vampire Slayer... или even just likes BtVS... или even someone who goes "oh yeah I saw that Показать a couple of times. it was pretty cool." I get so excited. Firstly, this is because I think the Показать is a masterpiece and deserves to be seen by as many viewers as possible. But secondly,...
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posted by amazondebs
what about a animated series? some of Ты may be going "can i just say huh?" but hear me out;

there's been lots of picks and Форумы and talk on other Фан sites that they should make new seasons of Buffy или Энджел and i would normally put Ссылки to back this up but

1)I'm doing this at about two in the morning and

2)I'm sure many of Ты have read them and seen them and would Любовь another season your self

i think someone even brought up the idea of them making one final film with Buffy and Энджел and someone else сказал(-а) why not make another spin off with spike and some of the old scoobies but i think it's...
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 BuffyAngelSpike "End of Days"
BuffyAngelSpike "End of Days"
Have Ты ever wondered whats up between Энджел and Spike. Well there were a lot of reasons When Spike and Энджел were evil Вампиры with their Влюбленные Darla and Drusilla . They were the badass Вампиры in history.

When Энджел was cursed from gyspies he changed from being the badass Angelus to a soulful Angel. Энджел changed when he met Buffy the vampire slayer who changed Angel's life . Buffy treated Энджел like a regular human being,but when Энджел met Spike again they both hated each other so much, because when Энджел was Angelus again when he Остаться в живых his soul from Buffy.She was giving Энджел tru happiness...
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In my opinion, Oz is one of the most adorable boys on the show. Not only is he incredibly sweet with his charming and calming voice, not to mention his гитара playing skills, but he really is just adorable.

1. Oz's face is a unique and quite a pretty one. Long and skinny, with the best hair, Далее to Spike. Oz's hair color changes frequently. One день it's brown, Далее день it's black, then it's blonde, now it's bright orange. I think his best color was orange. Not only did it just seem to match his personality better, it matched with Willow. His rare smile is like everything else about him, adorable....
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posted by buffyl0v3r44
this is possibly the most asked Вопрос on this spot, Spuffy или Bangel? I am personally a Spuffier! sorry Bangeliers.... my theory is that Bangel Фаны aren't ready to see something new, they enjoy the old boring first Любовь deal that is basically in every movie, book, tv show, ect. I totally respect that I just find it to overly played and boring, first Любовь is cute but like I сказал(-а) it's overly played and let's get real here most of the time in real life you're not always going to be with your first love, you're going to eventually and gradually Переместить on Ты might not even end up with your second...
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Several cast members of the much-beloved series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” have weighed in on the upcoming Joss Whedon-less “Buffy” movie, and now Buffy herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar, has made her feelings known.

“It was a movie. It’s been made. It stars Kristy Swanson. They don’t need to make another one,” she сказал(-а) in an interview with CNN on Tuesday. “I think it’s a horrible idea! To try to do a ‘Buffy’...
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♥♥I have banded together for Ты all my Избранное characters by letter of the Alphabet, note that Angel(tv series) does NOT count only the Buffy the Vampire Slayer version of the characters count. Also some characters are on there just because their the only one with that letter. And anyways I hope Ты enjoy!♥♥
A- Anya Jenkins
B- Buffy Summers
C- Cordelia Chase
D- Drusilla
E- Ethan Rayne
F- Faith Lehane
G- Glory
H- Harmony Kendall
I- Inca Mummy
J- Joyce Summers
K- Kendra Young
L- Larry Blaisdell
M- the Master
N- Nikki Wood
O- Oz (Daniel Osborne)
P- the Primitive
Q- Quentin Travers
R- Rupert Giles
S- Spike...
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I wrote this a while back and just found it now. It's about the best или most interesting stories или moments that we know happened but were never shown.

1: The first 4 seasons as remembered by the characters.
Ok, this one sounds stupid, of course we've seen the first seasons. But thanks to the monks who added Dawn, the scoobies memories are quite different than what actually happened. Yet we never found out just how different and what we know that they dont. eg, when Angelus was after Buffy he went after her Друзья and family. A little sister would be a perfect target in his mind. In their memories...
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