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posted by Xillow-Love
Welcome to the hellmouth/The harvest:

Buffy Summers, Vampire Slayer (retired), arrives in Sunnydale hoping to leave her past behind and start afresh. But her plans are quashed when, on her first день at school, she meets Rupert Giles, her new Watcher, and then a blood-drained corpse turns up in the girls locker room. All of this she tries to ignore, but is finally forced to face up to her destiny by warnings of the coming Harvest from the mysterious Angel, and the disappearance of new Друзья Willow and Jesse with two particularly pale individuals. Buffy manages to save Willow, but after a confrontation...
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posted by charmed-buffy
It was way back last год when we heard the horrifying news that Warner Bros. was going back to Sunnydale for a Buffy the Vampire Slayer remake. The unpopular ‘92 film was set to be rebooted into what everyone assumed would be yet another cringe-worthy film, because Warner Bros. decided not to involve Joss Whedon или anyone else who took that horrible first movie and turned it into a wondrous and legendary TV show. Instead, the studio handed the Письмо duties to a relatively inexperienced screenwriter, Whit Anderson, who has reportedly turned in a draft of the screenplay that the studio hates...
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posted by shannon9396
Well, many of Ты may have noticed that in many other spots there is a contest which is called; Best word to describe contest.
The rules are sumple. The one who makes the contest puts one character name and Ты have to give him 1-3 words with describe him/her best.
After 7 days или when there will be at least 5 different contestants he'll make a pick. The winner will revieve Благодарности and his name will be on WINNER LIST.
If anyone wants to start this contest just write it down. Otherwise I am going to make it. If Ты don't want this contest to be made say why and please be kind....
I think that it is going to be something very entertaining and will keep this spot active for a long time.
posted by Xillow-Love
Season seven deals with the Potential Slayers, normal girls around the world who are candidates to succeed the Slayer upon her death.
It is revealed that Buffy's resurrection caused a instability which allows The First Evil, a spiritual entity that Buffy encountered in the third season, to begin tipping the balance between good and evil. It has inactive Potential Slayers hunted and killed by Caleb, a sinister and misogynistic preacher turned serial killer who heads a cult called Bringers, who worship The First as a god. Inside the Hellmouth it raises an army of Turok-Han, an ancient and powerful...
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posted by willow96
 drusila season 2
drusila season 2
"I met an old man. Didn't like him. He got stuck in my teeth."

"What will your mommy sing when they find your body?"

"You've been a very bad daddy."

"Bite your tongue! They used to eat cake, and eggs, and honey, until Ты came and ripped their throats out.""

"Shh. Rrruff. Bad dog"

"Don't worry, dear heart. I'll see that Ты get strong again...like me."

"He's perfect, my darling. Just what I wanted."

"Do it again! Do it again!"

"We're going to destroy the world. Want to come?"

"Don't fret, kitten, Mummy's here."

"The Slayer. It's time,Angel. She's ready for Ты now. She's dancing. Dancing with death"

"Sorry. I was in the moment"
posted by brileyforever77
"Spike!", Buffy сказал(-а) still crying a little bit. "You're.....You're pregnant", Spike сказал(-а) worriedly. "Yeah", she сказал(-а) in a small voice. "It's mine, right?", he asked kind of happy. "Yes", Buffy сказал(-а) in a really small voice this time.

"You don't want it to be mine, do", he asked looking hurt. Buffy shrugged her shoulders. Spike walked over to her and he sat down Далее to her.

He looked into her eyes and she looked back into Spike's eyes. "Buffy, are Ты worried about what kind of future you'll have with me, или if I'm not going to be a good enough father?", he asked her. "Not just that", she replied...
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posted by brileyforever77
It was a rainy день in Sunnydale, and Buffy Summers was sitting by the window. Spike walked in the room, "Hey, love, are Ты ok?", he asked with concern. "I'm fine", Buffy said. But she really wasn't.

"Are Ты sure?", he asked not convinced with Buffy's answer. "Yes, can I just have some Космос please!!, she сказал(-а) really, really madly.

Buffy ran upstairs and slammed the bathroom door.
Last night Buffy and Spike just slept together and now she was having a lot of mixed thoughts and feelings about Spike and the two of them.

Buffy thinks she might be pregnant but she is too scared to take a pregnancy...
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Hey,this is the секунда part of the interview!Let's all scream together "Yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!We Любовь Ты Kathryn!!!!!You're awesome!!"(just kidding,let's scream just yay and leave the Kathryn part out).Ok,I broke the ice so let's Переместить on to the article.

1.Tell us some things about you: well, im Claire :P im 14 and im from blackpool in england...i dont have much of a life so i havent got alot to write here :P

2.Which is your Избранное character and why: My favourite character is deffinatly Spike. i mainly Любовь him in S5 becuase he makes me laugh so much :P although i like to see how he...
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When I first got all of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Seasons 1-7. Then got into "Angel" I've got all seasons expect "Season 5". I was thinking a lot about Buffy еще when I was watching Angel, and while I was watching the show, at the same time I was thinking alot about "Buffy" WIERD..LOL

Ok, I am making point hear do any Ты guys think a lot about Buffy,while Ты watch Angel?? Even though Ты have seen all the episodes of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", and now starting to watching Angel. Like to me I do now think a lot now about Buffy, I mean it feels that I missed out on Buffy, it feels so wierd...
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 The only thing's in this picture I'm happy to see the back of are Riley and Dawn!
The only thing's in this picture I'm happy to see the back of are Riley and Dawn!
As soon as I heard about this idea I went into automatic fan-rage mode, and part of me is still itching to get into another rant, so please excuse any spelling или grammatical errors, they are the result of 40% of my attention going towards holding back еще ranting.

So, in the spirit of the logical, bias free attitude I will almost certainly have completely abandoned by the Далее paragraph, I'll start by saying that legally they have every right to do this, and that if ever there was a good time to make money of a Buffy movie it's now. The thing is, and I say this not as a fan, but as someone...
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posted by spikes_girl
I'm always making my mom, my sister, my dad, etc. do "lists" for things we like, like Harry Potter, Twilight, Lord of the Rings, and, of course, Buffy. Since I'm always doing this with my family and friends, I decided to post them here (these are mine by the way, not my families).

вверх Ten Characters
1. Spike
2. Willow
3. Xander
4. Anya
5. Andrew
6. Giles
7. Oz
8. Tara
9. Faith
10. Buffy

вверх Ten Episodes

1. Touched
2. Once еще With Feeling
3. Graduation день part 1 & 2
4. The Gift
5. Who Are You?
6. Hell's Bells
7. Selfless
8. Doppelgangland
9. Becoming part 1 & 2
10. Innocence

вверх Ten Female...
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posted by ArabellaElfie
Hello everyone,

It is with a sad and heavy сердце that I close The Scoobies 2009. Below is a Список of the nominees and the winners. All other information in regards to The Scoobies will be Опубликовано in a separate Статья (A-R-T-I-C-L-E) due to spacing restraints.

The Scoobies
Honoring the Best of the Bravest

In Sunnydale
For Those Things Within the Show

1.* Most Embarrassing Moment

A-link-Buffy lets Giles know that she knows he and Joyce had sex.
B- link Энджел had read her diary
D- link (the running away as fast as she could) at the school play “Oedipus”(the puppet show)
E- link
F- link named...
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posted by Xillow-Love
In the season premiere, the famous vampire Count Dracula makes an appearance in Sunnydale, in Поиск for Buffy. He then bites Buffy in the same place where she was bitten by The Master and Angel. Buffy breaks free from his will and Dracula is defeated and staked
Season five also introduces a younger "sister" to Buffy, Dawn, who suddenly appears in Buffy's life, and although she is new to the series, to the characters it is as if she has always been there. Due to problems with her mother, Buffy suspects Dawn maybe harming Joyce. However they discover that Joyce has a brain tumor. As a result...
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posted by Xillow-Love
Season four sees Buffy and Willow enroll at UC Sunnydale while Xander joins the workforce. The vampire Spike, having left Drusilla, returns to Sunnydale and is abducted by The Initiative, a top-secret military installation based beneath the UC Sunnydale campus, lead by Maggie Walsh. They implant a microchip in his head which prevents him from harming humans. He reluctantly helps the Scooby Gang throughout the season and eventually begins to fight on their side after learning that he can harm other demons. But Buffy and her Друзья don't trust him except Willow who opts to give him a chance...
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posted by Xillow-Love
The emotional stakes are raised in season two as Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) returns from a summer in Los Angeles after her death at the end of the first season. After distancing herself from her Друзья and loved ones with her new, self-centered attitude that almost gets them killed, Buffy comes to terms with the traumatic events that transpired and crushes the Кости of The Master (Mark Metcalf) once and for all, much to the aggravation of The Anointed One (Andrew J. Ferchland). A few weeks later two new Вампиры come to town—Spike (James Marsters) and a weakened Drusilla (Juliet...
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posted by brileyforever77
Buffy was walking down the улица, уличный head back to her apartment. "Ugh, I can't believe Spike, he is such a dumbass", Buffy сказал(-а) to herself, but the man walking past her only heard the "He is such a dumbass" part and he thought she was talking about him.

It was 1:30 in the morning and Buffy couldn't sleep. So she got out of постель, кровати and she started walking a little bit, then she heard rustling in the bushes out of her window. Buffy looked out her window and she saw Spike smoking a cigarette.

Spike, what the hell are Ты doing here", she yelled to him from her window. "I came here to see you, love", he...
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posted by Xillow-Love
“Well, why can’t I go to the bathroom?” Buffy сказал(-а) impatiently her hands firmly placed on her hips.

“I…just think that Ты need a nice cup of чай that’s all” Spike smiled awkwardly praying that Buffy wouldn’t walk in and see Faith – his girlfriend showering in their bathroom – the bathroom in THEIR house…

“Right Spike this is getting ridiculous I need a душ so I’m gonna take one”

Spike’s сердце skipped a beat as she reached for the doorknob but luckily Allison started crying so Buffy exhaustedly went to her детская кроватка and fed her.

In the spare time that Spike had he charged...
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posted by brileyforever77
Spike greeted Buffy and Alison on the stairs. "Hey, love", Spike сказал(-а) trying to keep Buffy from going upstairs. "Why do Ты keep blocking me from trying to go upstairs", Buffy asked.
"I'm not", Spike сказал(-а) trying not to look guilty.

"Ok, then, can I go put Alison down for her nap?", Buffy asked
starting to wonder what Spike was hiding upstairs. "Uh, sure", Spike сказал(-а) moving out of the way so Buffy could get by.

Buffy walked upstairs into Alison's room. "There Ты go baby", Buffy сказал(-а) as she put Alison into her crib. Alison fell right asleep. Buffy walked out of Alison's room, and went to the stairs.

"Hey, Spike, I'm going to take a shower", Buffy yelled to her so-called husband. "No, don't", Spike сказал(-а) looking really guilty.

"Why not?", Buffy asked starting to get curious. "Uh.....",
Spike couldn't think of anything to say.

This fanfiction story is by me and Xillow-Love!
Please Комментарий and tell us what Ты think. We are trying really hard to make a great story!
posted by brileyforever77
It was a late sunny afternoon in Sunnydale, Buffy Summers was at Главная with Spike and their baby girl, Alison.

"Spike, I'm taking Alison with me to the store and the library, we will be back in a few hours", сказал(-а) Buffy. "Ok, love, I will see Ты when Ты get back," сказал(-а) Spike.

Buffy picked up Alison and her purse, Spike kissed Alison on her head goodbye and he kissed Buffy on the lips goodbye. Buffy headed out the door and hopped into the car. Spike made sure Buffy was down the road before he took out his cell phone. Who was he calling?

"Hey, Faith, why don't Ты come over?", Spike asked in a...
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posted by minifash1onista
Hi, thanks for Чтение my article. So I Любовь BUFFY !!! I admit I've only seen her till season 5. And I'm desprate to see season 6, 7 and even 8. Yes I know, who wants to see season 8. When Sarah Michelle Gellar is not in it. But Buffy is still Buffy.So who can argue. And I really don't think there will be a season 9, since she is married and has a kid. So for people who want еще Buffy, think of this, Buffy is everywhere and she will never die.
In my experiance, I see Buffy in book form. In chapters and as comics. On YouTube, where there are many videos. On Fanpop (DUH). On websites, many websites (buffyworld.com). So for people who want еще (like me) now Ты know this. Buffy will never ever die или be forgotten! BUFFY 4-EVER!!!!!!