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Caillou is going to talk to his mother about Rosie bothering him and he walks up to her while she is doing her laundry.
Caillou: Mommy, Rosie won't stop bothering me.
Doris: Maybe she just wants to play with you.
Caillou: But I don't wanna play with her.
Doris: Caillou, I'm busy. And I can't be solving your problems all the time.
Caillou: But Mommy...
Doris: Ты and Rosie have to learn how to work out your own problems.
Caillou: No, we can't!
Doris: (angrily) Caillou!
Caillou ignores her as he walked away from her in the laundry room.
Later, Caillou sat down on his постель, кровати in his room Чтение a book and...
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posted by Courtneyfan6
Caillou beats up Pikachu/Grounded

Caillou: Man. I hate Пикачу so much. He always shock me for no reason. What should I do? Wait. I know. I will beat up Pikachu. Hahahahaha.
(He went outside and walked into the park to find Пикачу relaxing in the park)
Pikachu: Pika Pika Pikachu. (It's a wonderful день outside today.)
(Caillou walks over to Pikachu)
Pikachu: Pi? (Huh?)
Caillou: Pikachu, how dare Ты become a world famous Pokemon? That's it. I'm beating Ты up!
(Caillou starts to beat up Pikachu, once he is finished, Пикачу is now crying. Ash Ketchum and his girlfriend Serena came over to see what...
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Caillou disrespects Julie/beats up Julie and Rosie/grounded

(Caillou's mommy and daddy are going out for a special ужин on their anniversary tonight.)
Caillou: I wanna go with you. I don't want to stay Главная with my dumb sister.
Doris: Caillou, it's our anniversary that's a special день for Mommy and Daddy. And stop being mean to Rosie for once in your life.
Boris: And we'll have something special for Ты and Rosie, too. A brand-new babysitter. Isn't that nice?
Caillou: I don't want to know babysitter.
(Doorbell rings)
Boris: That must be Julie now. I'll go get the door.
Caillou: I really don't...
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Caillou and Rosie are playing at the outside in the sandbox.

Rosie is reaching for Caillou's toy.

Caillou: No, Rosie! No!

Caillou takes his toy away from her.

Caillou: How dare Ты taking my toys from me? That's it. I'm going to throw sand at Ты because nobody cares about you.

Caillou throws sand at Rosie's face and Rosie starts crying.

Caillou: Now leave me alone, Ты little bitch.

Rosie: Mommy! Daddy!

Doris and Boris ran outside to find Caillou and Rosie.

Doris and boris: What's wrong, Rosie?

Rosie: Caillou threw sand at me. (crying)

Doris: Oh my God. Thank Ты for telling us, Rosie.

Doris carries Rosie...
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Caillou is at outside

Caillou: I'm going to beat up Peter Griffin from Family Guy because he's a fat idiot.

Caillou went to the man's house where Peter is about to go outside.

Peter: Bye, Lois. I'm going to the drunken моллюск with Quagmire, Cleveland and Joe.

Caillou found Peter.

Peter: Hey, bald-headed kid, what the hell are Ты doing here?

Caillou: Peter Griffin, how dare Ты of being a bigger asshole in your show? That's it! I'm beating Ты up!

Peter: Nooooooooo....

Caillou beats up Peter. Now Peter is crying.

Caillou: Yes. I beat up Peter Griffin from Family Guy.

Lois came out of the house to see what...
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posted by Courtneyfan6
Caillou burps in class/grounded

(At school where Ms. Martin is teaching her class about multiplication)
Ms. Martin: Okay, class. Today, we'll be learning about times tables of 1 to 20.
Caillou: (burping loudly)
Ms. Martin: Oh my God! That sounds worse than Donald Trump's ugly voice! Caillou, go to the principal's office right freakin' now!
(Caillou runs out of the classroom, crying)
(In the principals office)
Female principal: So, Caillou, what brings Ты here?
Caillou: I burped in class.
Female principal: That's it. Ты have a one час detention after school. I will call your parents about this.
(After Caillou had a detention a few hours later, at home, Boris is mad at Caillou and Caillou is now crying)
Boris: Caillou, how dare Ты burp in class? That's it. You're grounded grounded grounded until Beyoncé wins the Далее Grammy award in 2017. Go to your room right now.
Caillou: (runs out of the living room, crying)

The End!!!
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Caillou's Punishment день (Sequel of Caillou beats up Pikachu/grounded)

(The following morning, Caillou is now sleeping peacefully in his постель, кровати of his bedroom until....)
Caillou: Oh no. I have punishment день today. (Crying as he walked down the stars to meet his parents)
Boris: Okay. Let's get started for these punishments. You'll have five of them and the last one will be super extreme. Punishment one: eating Brussels sprouts.
(At the kitchen)
Doris: Come on. Eat your Brussels sprouts. This punishment won't be over...
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posted by Courtneyfan6
Behavior Card Day:

Courtneyfan6: Okay, class, today's behavior card day. We'll start from best to worst; радуга to black. Here are the cards.
(Rainbow: Yugi and Atem from Yu-Gi-Oh)
Yugi: Yes! Me and Atem got радуга cards!
Courtneyfan6: Good job, Yugi and Atem. Ты two are the best students ever! Please go to the Principal's office to make her proud!
(Gold: Spongebob and Patrick from Spongebob)
Spongebob: Yes! My best friend Patrick and I got Золото cards!
Courtneyfan6: Good job, Spongebob and Patrick! Ты get 3 years off! Go to the Principal's office!
(Silver: Sonic the Hedgehog from Sonic)
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Caillou misbehaves on the way to Finding Dory/Grounded

Doris: Hey, Caillou. We're going to the Фильмы to see Finding Dory since Rosie wants to see it.
Boris: Ты only have five chances. If Ты receive all five strikes, you'll be grounded.
Caillou: No. I don't want to see the movie. That movie sucks very bad. I want to stay Главная and watch Dora. Can I stay home?
Doris: No! We're all going to see Finding Dory and that's final.
Boris: Get in the car или you're grounded.
Caillou: Fine.
(As Caillou and his family began to walk out...)
Caillou: Screw this. I can't believe that my stupid family is always taking...
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Caillou disrespects Ms. Martin/Grounded

Caillou is at his room of his house.
Caillou: Man, I don't want to go to school today. I don't want to do any of the boring stuff.
Boris: (off-screen) Come on, Caillou. It's time to go to school. Let's go.
Caillou: Okay.
Later, Caillou is later dropped off to school by Boris and is now walking to class.
Miss Martin: Good morning, class. Today, we will be learning the multiplication and division. But first, please stand up for the pledge of allegiance.
Everyone stood for the pledge of allegiance except Caillou...
Miss Martin: Caillou, stand up now.
Caillou: I don't...
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posted by Courtneyfan6
Caillou wants ice cream/Grounded

(At the house where Caillou is having ужин with his father Boris)
Caillou: Dad, I want some ice cream.
Boris: No, Caillou, Ты finish your food. [Caillou gets up from the ужин table]
Boris: You... Hey. You... Ты get back here right now, young man. [Caillou gets up on the chair]
Boris: Don't... Don't You... Get down from that chair или you're in big trouble. [Caillou opens the freezer door, getting out the ice cream]
Boris: You... Ты put that ice cream back right now.
[Caillou gets down from the chair, with the ice cream]
Boris: I mean it. I'm not kidding around....
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added by caesar213
Caillou, Rosie and his parents are at the living room.

Boris: Hey, Caillou and Rosie. We're going to оливковый, оливковое Garden for ужин tonight.

Rosie: Yay. Rosie loves оливковый, оливковое Garden.

Caillou: But, Dad, I hate оливковый, оливковое Garden. Can we go to Chuck E' Cheese's?

Doris: No! We're not going to Chuck E' Cheese's. We are going to оливковый, оливковое Garden and that's final.

Boris: Now get in the car или you're grounded.

The family heads to оливковый, оливковое Garden. They are at the ужин таблица while the waiter appears to them.

Waiter: Hello, everyone. Can I take your order?

Boris: I will have Chicken Alfredo.

Doris: I will have креветка, креветки Alfredo.

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Caillou ruins his parents' party/grounded

(It's Saturday's Party night)

Doris: Don't forget to buy some flowers. We want the house to look nice.

Boris: (Boris puts his пальто on) Flowers. Okay.

Caillou: What are Ты doing, Mom?

Doris: I'm getting everything ready for the party tonight.

(Caillou remembered that his mommy and daddy were having a party.)

Caillou: Are we going to play games?

Doris: No, sweetie, not tonight.

Caillou: Why not?

Doris: Because it's a ужин party for grownups.

Caillou: I want to go to the party, too.

Boris: Ты can't, Caillou. (Boris zips up his jacket) It's not for children,...
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Caillou is at in his house.

Caillou: I'm going to grounded Courtney from Total Drama Series because she's such a bitch.

Caillou went outside and found Courtney at her house.

Caillou: Courtney, how dare Ты being a сука to everyone? That's it. Ты are grounded grounded grounded for 65 years! Go to your room now!

Courtney ran into her house angrily.

Caillou: Yay. I ground Courtney from Total Drama.

Then Courtney and her boyfriend Duncan came out of the house.

Caillou: Oh shit, it's her boyfriend Duncan.

Courtney: There he is Duncan. That's the boy who grounded me!

Duncan: Ты little brat, how dare you...
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posted by Courtneyfan6
Caillou is watching TV at his house when Виктория-победительница came on.

Tori: (singing) Ты don't have to be afraid to put your dream in action
You're never gonna fade you'll be the main attraction
Not a fantasy
Just remember me
When it turns out right...

Caillou: Man, I hate Victorious. Виктория-победительница really sucks and the characters and the school are annoying. Wait. That gives me a great idea. I'm going to blow up Hollywood Arts High School with everyone in it.

Caillou went outside of his home.

Caillou: Now it's time to blow up Hollywood Arts. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Caillou is outside of Hollywood Arts and...
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