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San-Dee is a place for flakes, a mothership-load of.

I dunno how Ты held this long against
the Dark Sachs of the Force

"The CoGentrix перепел, перепелка, перепела Brush Power Plant",
Subsidiary of some Korean conglomerate,
who themselves belong to Goldie-Socks.

The only word that matters here is "brush".

San-Dee is a place for wildfires.

Reynosa, Mexico, right on the other side

« On September 19th 2012, an explosion at the nearby Pemex gas plant
killed 30 and injured 46 people. Director Juan Jose Suarez said
there was no evidence that it was a deliberate incident,
or some kind of attack.»

• Why does it have to be North...
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posted by jacobs27
We are no longer functioning as a society. In a society, human beings work collectively together for the betterment of the community as a whole. And as a community, we bestow upon our elected government officials the care of our most cherished freedoms, “liberty, equality and the pursuit of happiness”. But today we see that our freedoms and our right to have them weren’t being attended to by a majority of these elected government officials. Instead, what has been handed back to the American people is a 44% increase in gas prices, a 40% increase in the deficit, and a 20% decrease in the...
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