Call of Duty Which Call of Duty is best and why.

KingWriter posted on Apr 21, 2012 at 11:07PM
Best Call of Duty? MW3 all the way. In MW3 it rocks the house! It takes over MW2 with new weapons, new battle modes, and better vision. Adjust graphics to the best! Sensitivity set on whatever you want, new characters, new maps, new clothing and style.
Adding... Special Ops brand new Survival mode. Survival is your luck in trying to beat millions of Army men with a help of your friend, or solo. Endless waves, so you can get higher than 1,000,000,000,000,000 and so on! But as waves go on, better armor improves you and the enemies. Like new weapons and standing shooters and turrets. Send in a Delta or Riot Shield Squad to help you out if your in trouble. Use Airstrikes to send enemies flying if tons coming at you. Use Predator Missles to earn points and get multikills however as many as you can. Use care packages for perks to improve you in any way. Use riot shield to absorb damage and not get hurt. Self revive, helps you to get a second chance to kill an enemy or more. Use C4s and Claymores to set and destroy enemies by the explosiveness. Finally, USE SENTRY GUNS TO OWN IN THE GAME, if you are reloading with a big damn gun, get 2 sentry guns to save your life.
Enjoy MW3!


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