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I finally found it in English.

It's not as good as I hoped.
Nor was it as bad as I expected.

It's.. In between.

I haven't forgot it's Japennesse.
And. Not trying to be racist.
But Japen has all the weird shit.
Ever seen there commericals?
All Ты have to do is go onto Windwakers club.
He has these fucked up TV commericals.
And I wouldn't be serprised if most of them were Japennesse.


Didn't really have a Избранное character.
Though kinda looking foward to Jan Valentine's episode.
Ever seen his clips.
He's actually pretty funny in the real one.
Too bad the actor, Josh Phillips, was convicted of killing a child.

My thoughts on Alexander.

The abridged Alexander is still better.
His voice is еще steriotypical.
And he has a better reaction to when the Hellsing lady says he betrayed them by killing all her men (he kills two еще in front of her, before claiming he dosen't know why she would make such an accusation).

What else can I say..

Can't think of anything.
Till Далее time.


Now. THIS is еще like it :)

This episode was fuckin awesome.

As I originally expected. Jan Valentine is truely a enjoyment to watch.
He's friggin nuts.
But that's what I Любовь about him.

I would Любовь to go on and on about Jan Valentine.
But. Most of Ты probably don't care..

Though, I'm not saying I'm in anyway depressed about his death, he still deserved it.
Though I 'am' a bit disappointed about him being killed off after just one appearance. That much, I admit to.
But hey, it seems to happen quite often in hellsing, so, whatever.. Dude.

As for Luke.
He was serprisingly enjoyable too.
But. Am I the only who thinks his voice sounds kinda like Alucard's.

But. Just like Alucard says.
Luke loses all the respect he has earned by cowarding away joining the last second.
I understand WHY he would freak out.
But.. If what Alucard сказал(-а) about your legs is true.
Then.. Ты could of kept going.
Have some fuckin dignity Luke.
I mean. Least Jan died with 'some' dignity, he accepted that he was gonna die. While Luke didn't.

Now for the episode itself..

What I found most interesting.
Is that the ghouls aren't just ANY ghouls (you have to watch it).

The entire episode is made of one of the best battles I ever saw in a animate.
It brings anouther reason I Любовь watching Jan.
I Любовь how he gives himself instructions while skillfully killing soldiers.
Seeing Luke fight. Was also just as enjoyable.

Same with Walter. Even if just using somekind of string.
Still epic..

Don't think I have anything else worth talking about.
Jan? Anything to add.

JAN: Yeah! Ты can take this review! And suck it up your as-

(shoves him away) okay. okay, whatever..

Anyway. Till Далее time :)

But before I go.
Dose anybody else notice they say Stars Wars at the end?


Evening y'all..
I completely forgotten I was reviewing this show, Ты can thank Nick (Windwaker) for the reminder that I was doing so.

Fanpop isn't the only places I make reviews for.
I am a member of Rotten Tomtoes and probably a few other places.
So I am always reviewing shit.
And so Ты can understand why it's hard for me to remember EVERYTHING I make reviews towards.
As there's Alpha & Omega Фан fictions, My Little пони Фан fictions, Happy дерево Друзья Фан fictions, Eminem's THE SLIM SHADY Показать is reviewed on my Youtube page.

Here I go, reviewing episode 3.
Due to the style of battles, this sort of feels like I'm reviewing 300/Rise of an Empire.
Witch I HAVE done before.
My exact words being..

"I don't care what anyone else says.. In many ways, this is better then the original. Witch is truelly saying something. Since I was always so friggin obsessed with the original..
It explains еще about Xerxies.
And Sullivan is almost even еще badass then Butler was.
Not to mention, the battles and as graphic and Sparatacus styled as possible. Witch is good. Because that's what we CAME for".

I like the Begining, where it introduces the french guy.
It certainly explains the scene from Hellsing Abridged.
I keep forgetting how accurate those spoofs actually are to the videos.
Alucard really DID come there without anyone's approver, and keep calling them dogs, witch kind explains all the dog jokes in the abridged version of the scene.

My thoughts of Anderson are mostly positive, he did a good job.
But when he kept monologing on his long walk to Alucard I kept waiting for someone to cry out "JUST FUCKIN ATTACK HIM ALREADY!"

What else to say?

Not much.

I couldn't help but feel quite sorry for the swat team as they tired getting in the elevator.
They were so frightened. And Alucard is such a jerk sometimes.
Kinda like NEW Rick Grimes.
Rick is a bit of a dick now.. But still relatable, as it's for good reasons.

But Dandyman still should of used his abridged line
"You sure know how to make an enterance"

That ends my review.

Please leave comments. And await Epiode 4's review.



This I actually such a AWESOME series.
I was too hard on the first episode, I'd have to rewatch it sometime.

But anyway.
As Ты can tell by the picture, I am really taking a likeness towards Anderson.
He is so cool to look at.

But I'm also starting to take likeness towards The Major.
He is such a deep character, and makes for an amazing villain.
Not to mention, he's a good villain, because he, what to me, defines TRUE evil.
The type of peron who only wants to see the world burn, there's no reasoning with him.

Though unfortantly, I am starting to have LESS enjoyment towards Alucard.
He may be on the good team, but quite frankly he is a cold hearted killer, and not much else.

As for episode itself.
I don't think I have much to say this time.
I was differently enjoyable, that much I can say.
So, yeah.
4 stars.

Please await the Далее episode review.
I believe there are 13 to the first season.
And thst's probably the only one I'll watch.

Sorry for the shortness of this review.


Yet anouther episode that I don't have much to say about it.

First off.
What the fuck was up with that intro.

We didn't see Alucard.
And having seen the ending bonus scenes, apparently its gonna be like that for a few other episodes as well.
As much as I HATE Alucard it's still gonna be weird not seeing him, but it probably is only for a short amount of time.

If your wondering about my thoughts of Penwood's death.
I don't have too much.
We don't know about him.
But still he died with honor, and I still solute to him.

Like all other Hellsing episodes I saw so, the battles are awesome, so no complaints there.
Though it's weird how they have to read from Книги before they attack, and how major takes 2 hours just to eat one bite.
But whatever, it's not like I never seen it happen before..

It's also kinda cool to see the nazi soldiers talking.
I always thought they were no brainless ghouls.
But there clearly full on vampires, and they actually seem pretty intelligent, so I can't help but give them credit for that.

Oh well..
Till Далее time.


As usual.
I don't have much to say..

It's been while since I watch this show, but the episode was good.

Like most media's.
Most times I just watch this Показать for the violence.

And when Ты know it's Japenesse, Ты KNOW your get nothing but blood covered pleasure. If I was a sadist I probably would get a boner from such intense battles.

But anyway.

At first I was a bit mad when they blew down the zeppelin, thought it meant their will be no epic fight against the crazy nazi bitch.
But.. I was proven wrong, she and her men servived.
And apparently she can make illusions to have herself bigger (yeah, cause that's "totally" playing fair)..

But at wheat I didn't see too many of Pip's men die.
I hate seeing army men die in shows like this.
I made episode 2 really hard to watch in that way.
All those poor army men.

Well anyway.
That's all I got.

Let's await episode 7.
And see what the crazy nazi сука has in store..



Thats all I can say.

I'm glad the Nazi сука died so horribly, she was really starting to piss me off. All she dose is fuck with peope's minds, instead of fighting fairly.

And as much I can't say I'm a Фан of Sara's.
I mean, she's a good character, but there's just something bout her I don't like..
But obviously that didn't make it any easier to hear her suffering, so. Yeah.. It's one thing I hate worse then seeing army men die, it's seeing attractive woman being tortured.l

But anyway.
Let's Переместить on the слон of the room.
Pip's death.. THAT слон in the room.

And as sad depressing as it was, I can't say it came as a complete serprise to me.
I read certain spoilers once, so I also am aware that Anderson dies, nd Walter backstabs them, so.. I'm aware of that.
So.. Yeah.

Still though, Pip has earned his rest, so. We can think of it that way..


We are almost done..

I can't say I really approved of Maxwell betraying everyone, but I came to accept it, considering we don't know all that much about him.
But he had a badass laugh moment, so that's a plus..
And, karma reached him, as it dose all Hellsing villains, или well.. All villains in general.

Even though I don't always like him, it's good to see Alucard again. It's just, not the same without him.
Like South park without Kenny, and Family guy without Brain.

As I сказал(-а) before, I can't say I was serprised by Waltor joining them.
I was told that it was gonna appen, so was just waiting for it.

There was one thing I didn't really get though, Major pretending to be a meister..
Well. I DO get it actually,
But didn't hear any gun shots или screas, или explosions. And I'm pretty that was meant to the point, he's meistering the war sounds.. But I never heard any, unless it was being outnoised by the Музыка of the episode (may it was the Музыка itself he was meistering.. Who fuckin knows anymore)..

Anderson is still my Избранное character.

He's not a good guy character.

But he's not completely a villain either.

He's just a guy who Просмотры Вампиры as the enemy.
The type of character that any other vampire themed as the protagonist.
He stands for the church.
And considering I'm Christian myself, I hold respect for that.

Though, I actually agreed with Alucard at the end.
He turned himself into a "thing".
That isn't very honorable when Ты think about it..


Till Далее time..


EPISODE 9 and 10:

We're finally done this show.

All in all.
I give it 8/10..

* Satisfying battles
* Often unpredictable
* Has lots of "deep" means behind it..

* Bizzare Japenesse comedy scenes, that makes them look like some sort of comic book..
* strange Oprah Музыка at times
* Alexander betrayed his own humanity, and Остаться в живых my respect
* It's downright confusing sometimes
* It often feels longer than it is..


I don't really have anything to say about the episodes themselves.

Thir defiantly intense.

Though, I guess I have something to say about Major's death.

I have to admit.
I actually kinda like the Major.

He's what I call a "true villain".
He dose evil, for the sake of doing evil.
But yet he still somehow manages to die in honor.

That's the perfect villain, in my eyes.

A villain who dosen't fear death.
But embraces, it.
Smiles at it..

And, he shall strangely be in my thoughts.


Please leave comments..
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I am a large supporter of gay rights, so here's a Статья to prove it in my own way..


Luis Lopez's homosexual boss in GTA 4.
But what I Любовь about Tony. Is he's just as tough as anyone else. He isn't a gay stereotype, dancing around with high toned voice, and a low intelligence.
The closest Tony gets to being like this, is in CHINESSE TAKEOUT, cause he was isn't use to gunfights, and is cowering in the corner.
But then the golf court mission is directly actor, and "new Tony" is shooting at the enemies, just like...
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"Why is it when ever 'I' have fun.. It's wrong?" - Squidward..

Although he is now еще of a jerk, it is not all his fault.

His annoyance with Spongebob and Patrick grew larger and larger with each season. But in his defense. Spongebob and Patrick's stupidity increased еще and еще with each season, and they always break into his house when he's trying to enjoy alone time..

Mr. Krabs also blackmails him to work and barely pays him anything.

Whenever he tries to make any piece of art, he gets turned down for something far less well designed.

Though Squidward DOSE do bad things, he usually gets...
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MAN: Young man? Ты trapped in the Seventies? Nobody says "young man".
What else Ты gonna say? "Fresh"?
LAZLOW: Look--whatever, homeboy. Listen. Tell me what the kids are into. I gotta connect with the kids. Not my private parts, Ты know, but--that's for online--but, what are Ты out doing?
MAN: Yo, I'm delivering weed.
LAZLOW: But, you--you're only like thirteen.
MAN: Exactly. I won't go to prison.

GIRL: Yeah, um, oh, my God, am I on the radio!?
LAZLOW: Do Ты not realize that? This is a microphone, stupid!

Alan McClean: Speaking gives an atmosphere of fear!.. Waterboarding gives an atmosphere...
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Running from Chicacolt to San Franciscolt is a railroad called the Union Pacific. It's the largest railroad in the United States, and is run by thousands of ponies. This is the story of some of those ponies that run the rails, aka railroading.

Episode 2: To Lease, или not to lease

August 1, 1950

It has been half a week since Coffee Creme's first день working on the Union Pacific. She's a hard worker, and normally works with Hawkeye, and together, they would have a special assignment. They were recieving it in Cheyenne at 9 O clock in the morning

Pete: Attention everypony! Listen up.
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"It's one if Ты want to drop a plastic cup.. 'sorry man, I'll clean that up'. But if Ты drop a glass пиво bottle.. Ты pretty much just fucked up the whole party!"

"Don't be that guy... Example one.. Your at the library, probably studying.. All of a sudden... Here comes that loud phone guy.. Guy literary, enters the room like, "HAWHAWHAWHAW!!.. YEAH BRO!.. RAGING FACE!.. ME AND DALE!!"

"There are always a way to know people are on steroids.. For instance if front body is like the Hulk but the legs are like friggin SpongeBob.. Their probably on steroids!... или there's also the fact...
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#1: ZOZO:
This one is number one. Because is a real thing.

In every reported encounter with the entity known as Zozo, there is a single common thread: darkness.

To communicate with Zozo via a Ouija board is сказал(-а) to invite an unrelenting demonic force into your life (so, fucking DON'T).

But what is Zozo, and why has it terrorized thousands of people around the world? This, I’m afraid, is not an easy Вопрос to answer.

The first reported appearance of this entity occurred in 1816, when a young girl in Picardy, France fell victim to a severe demonic possession

She became the vessel for a number...
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This episode has always been one of my personal favourite.. It's all one long battle sequence when as Hellsing Manner is attacked by Jan and Luke Valentine.

Jan, I still like him. But ones opinion of him can be very mixed.. He is a sense of comic relief.. But he is also a sense of disturbance.. Because he gives no fuck if he lives или dies, long as he gets too "kill and drink blood".


But this brings a difference between the two brothers.. Jan seems perfectly aware that this is s sucide mission, and is fine with this when.. But Luke dose NOT seem too realize this.. Especially because...
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