Cary Grant Your Thoughts On Cary Playing Bond.

Berni posted on Oct 31, 2008 at 10:19PM
I believe cary was chosen to be the original James Bond but he was not allowed to take the part because of his filming contract.Does any one have any views on cary playing bond,do you think he would have made a good bond?

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Больше года Berni said…
I think Cary had all the qualities needed to play a great James Bond,masterful,charming,talented,a ladies man,mysterious,always ready for action and most of all the most handsome.what a shame he would have been the best bond ever!
Больше года Cammie said…
Hell yeah! I have never heard that he was the original choice, I reckon Cary would have made a awesome James Bond.
Personally I'm not a great fan of Bond films but I am familiar with the leading men thathave played the character over the years.
Sean Connery is STILL, I believe, the best 007.
But most definitely Mr Grant would've shone in that role had he been given the opportunity.