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posted by marciabraga
Actress and active charity activist, Joanna Modes is a vivid traveller, and festive daughter of a traditional aristocratic family. She is a first child of Robert Bagration-Mukhraneli and Wioleta von Tiele-Winckler. She has lived all over Европа and has worked with many nonprofit organizations, but she always gave an equal attention to her personal enjoyments. It’s a common error
to think of so-called aristocrats as blue bloods that are boring ladies conflicted with modern feminity. When it comes to fashion attitude Joanna is accupying
contradictory spaces. She's using her high visibility...
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we shared a choice quote from the ever-controversial Brooke Shields, who says that if she had it to do over again, she would have gotten down and dirty with a dude long before the ripe, old age of 22. But Brooke—how do Ты think peeps who Остаться в живых it really young feel? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Angelina Jolie says that she has been a horn dog for a long time, and even recalls making out with boys in nursery school. She Остаться в живых her virginity at 14 to her first BF, but her lover must not have been very satisfying because after the deed, she began cutting him with a knife. We hope Brad is good...
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posted by Tayloraddict-1
Знаменитости are regular ppl just like us. I dont get why we treat them any differently. We have to think they are not on this Earth just to satisfy us on T.V theyre here to be the person that they are. When people see pictures of a celebrity people seem suprised but when Ты see Ты или one of your family members in a picture Ты act a casual way. My uncle is a rapper. I dont know if Ты heard of him Frank Nitty . But anyway when i see him i dont scream i treat him like the person he is . And thats the way Ты treat celebrities. Yes some Знаменитости are SEXY . Some examples are Taylor L.,Justin...
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Lisa marie Presley just got her twins and they are named Finley and Harper.

Jerry O'Connell, Rebecca Romijn Get Nursery Ready. The future parents are expecting twins very soon.

Britney spears just got her new video out in the public. Its called Womanizer.

Tony Romo & Jessica Simpson: No Engagement, No Pinky Promise We are not engaged!" she tells Entertainment Tonight. "Tony and I have not gone to Neiman Marcus – somebody сказал(-а) we bought a ring there. I couldn't drag Tony in to Neiman Marcus if I tried."
– Mike Fleeman

Brit Singer M.I.A. Confirms She Is Pregnant

PS: I got all the news from people.com so if Ты want еще detail just go to the site!