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posted by saba2016
A Tribute to Charles Dickens

Way back in the seventies, we had no advanced technology, no Видео easily available, and no Internet. Yet we had what no video или movie can impart. The power of the written word.
My father was an avid reader, and to form the Чтение habit in us he would take us, every Saturday morning to the Pak-American book Магазин on the Elphiniston улица, уличный (now Zebunnissa street) and let us choose whatever Книги we fancied. Today I thank Allah for blessing us with such a wonderful father.
I did not watch many of the great Victorian’s Фильмы in my childhood , but I could describe,...
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 The Book Cover
The Book Cover
What is it about Charles Dickens’s A Рождество Carol that propels so many readers, annually, to reread the “ghost story of Christmas” and watch its many film and play productions? What is the fascination? Did people not “get it” the first time, или fifth time, или twentieth time? или is it, simply, that people are yearly drawn to old Друзья with whom they have “grown up”, and who have witnessed their “growing up”; Друзья like Jacob Marley, Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim, old Fezziwig, the ghosts of Рождество past, present, and future, and, of course, Ebenezer Scrooge. Are people not...
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