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 Jane Porter
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This Анимационные героини из детства фото might contain коктейльное платье, оболочка, ножны, платье, полонез, and платье.

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So, inspired by audreybrooke's Статья about which House would be еще suitable for each Дисней Princess (you can find the Статья in the DP spot), I decided to do the same for other heroines!

Oh and sorry for not putting Harry Potter related pictures to all the heroines, I was just too bored to Редактировать them или even add a proper background that reminds us of a particular House (yellow for Hufflepuff for example, или red and Золото for Gryffindor).


She's definitely a Gryffindor! Esmeralda is very fiery, passionate, brave, to the point of being reckless, and a fighter. She's...
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I saw this on the DP spot, written by AudreyFreak and I thought it would be an interesting idea to do the same with some of the heroines. But instead of doing them all in one article, I decided to separate them and write one Статья fro each heroine. I do this for 2 reasons. Firstly, because it needs a lot of time and with the homework and stuff I will never be able to finish it. The секунда reason is that this club is not at all active and we try to bring it back to life, so I think that it will make people visit it еще often (if Ты like it and you're interested in Чтение the Далее ones...)....
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