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Эльза и Анна
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Холодное сердце (2013)
Холодное сердце
animated film
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This Анимационные героини из детства Фан-арт contains фонтан.

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Спящая красавица
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Much like my old Статья where I compared Ariel and Merida, I decided to continue it after quite a few years. But this time it's me comparing Фильмы that are similar, though not something I'm planning on making a habit of. So far, I'm just going to be doing Pocahontas vs Анастасия and Sleeping Beauty vs The лебедь Princess. We'll see where it goes from there. We'll be starting with, by Популярное demand, Pocahontas vs Anastasia. First of all, I'm not going to bring up the historical inaccuracy of the two films because that's just really pointless. They're not meant to be educational, they're meant...
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Urduja (2008)
filipino movie
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So, inspired by audreybrooke's Статья about which House would be еще suitable for each Дисней Princess (you can find the Статья in the DP spot), I decided to do the same for other heroines!

Oh and sorry for not putting Harry Potter related pictures to all the heroines, I was just too bored to Редактировать them или even add a proper background that reminds us of a particular House (yellow for Hufflepuff for example, или red and Золото for Gryffindor).


She's definitely a Gryffindor! Esmeralda is very fiery, passionate, brave, to the point of being reckless, and a fighter. She's...
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10. Roxanne
It really bothers me how Roxanne doesn't make an appearance in the sequel, not even a mention UGH let's never take into account Дисней sequels. Anyway, I can't pinpoint down the reasons as to why I Любовь Roxanne. I just Любовь her personality I guess; she's kind, forgiving and understanding.

9. Anastasia
This placement may have to do with my bias for feisty and spunky heroines but I remember the times when I needed to watch Анастасия everyday to get through life so it feels right having her here lol. The movie just has something special about it so the main protagonist is somewhat...
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