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 The always honest and entertaining пиво, эль, эля is Vuck's FOTM!
The always honest and entertaining ale is Vuck's FOTM!
*pops champagne* YAY! пиво, эль, эля is our FOTM! I truly think Ты are the biggest Chuck/Vanessa Фан I know. How does it feel to finally be recognized for your brilliant taste?

First of all I want to apologize for my bad English :)
Now...It feels so cool!! I’m glad I found a place where my Любовь for Vuck is recognized and shared by other cool people!! And it feels even better to win and be considered the BIGGEST VUCK FAN!!

1. Tell us something about yourself that we don't already know?
I’m starting a clothing лайм, известь with a friend. Fashion is one of my passions and I really enjoy it... and that’s why I've...
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 Lucy! FOTM and Boho Barista!
Lucy! FOTM and Boho Barista!
You definitely deserve this prestigious honor!

Why don’t Ты start with introducing yourself and telling us something we don’t know about you?
-I can kill two birds with one stone: My name is Lucy Kate but most people call me Katie except here online where I am Lucy. Didn't know that did ya?

The Chanessa spot is pretty dang epic, if I do say so myself. Is it your Избранное spot on Fanpop?
-Hell yeah it's epic! All Благодарности to us, am I right C?! I actually do think it's my favorite. I used to say it was the Jate spot, but since all my Boho Baristas came to play here, the Chanessa...
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 C! Our very first FOTM and honorary Boho Barista.
C! Our very first FOTM and honorary Boho Barista.
Congratulations C for being our very first FOTM here on the best spot on Fanpop. What are your thoughts on winning this coveted position?
-Epic Win! I'm so very proud of getting the honor.

Before we get into the nitty gritty, tell us something we don't know about you.
- I've lived in 4 different states my entire 17 years of life: California, Alaska, Oklahoma, & Montana. Alaska and California еще than once. I'm also obsessed with chicken. Any way, shape, или form I'll eat it. lol

When and why did Ты become a Фан of Gossip Girl?
- I became a Фан of the Книги about a год before the TV show,...
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 Иконка by: undeniable
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Collection of people recognizing C/V so far.

I'll update this with any addition as the season continues...

If Ты spot a line Ты would like me to add, send me a message или leave a comment!

"The chemistry between Chuck and Vanessa proved to be surprisingly strong, though I don't really believe that they would have fallen for each other so quickly." - EW.COM

"Vanessa sees the good in Chuck, and Chuck acts nicer when anyone makes him feel human." -

"I'm not against the idea of a Chuck/Vanessa pairing at this point in the game. She needs еще action in her life and he needs to дата a good girl for once." - Isabelle Carreau from

"I actually even think he cares about Vanessa, despite what's happened in the past." -

"Vanessa ‘Observes and Interacts With Chuck in a Way I Find Organic, Human, and Beautiful’" -