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So I have just one еще dvd to go before I complete my Colin Baker dvd collection, unfortunately that dvd is the Twin Dilemma! But that got me thinking, what is the Best Colin Baker Episode?

Well in my opinion it's Vengeance on Varos, I just Любовь the cliff hanger, with the sixth doctor seemingly 'dead', and the annoying and not so comforting laugh of Sil in the background. But that's not the on only reason it's my favourite sixth doctor episode.

I also Любовь the fact that even though this episode got loads of criticism in Britain from the National viewers and listeners association, this story...
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Hi, I just joined this site and I'm glad to find that so many of Ты are still loyal to the old stuff!

Anyway I'll cut to the Chase (no not the 1965 story-nerds!) and ask if any of Ты are haters of the moderen день Doctor Who Shows?

For a start I am!

It's a long story but to cut it short I'll tell Ты that ever sence 2005 I've not seen a (cureant) Episode of the Progarm или it's any of spin offs!

But as I'm still a Фан (of the 1960's era) I still like to watch the DVD's, Видео (and listen to the CD's) of the old version of the show!

So then Have any of Ты done the same as I have?
Because it makes no sence to watch something that Ты don't enjoy is it?

Yours Vickifan (she's far better than wimpy Susan)
hey! I was just wondering what your fave classic episode, doctor and companion? could Ты tell me is the comments! and don't forget to tell me why!

my fave doctor is the seventh doctor или fourth doctor

my fave companion is either romana 2, sarah jane или ACE!

and my fave episode is either the state of decay или survival

so Ты know mine, whats yours? please tell me in comments!

ninjabunny out!

p.s Ты can also tell me anything else about your opinion of classic doctor who! I would Любовь to hear from you!!!