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funkmasterd posted on Jul 17, 2012 at 05:32AM
This takes place 2 years after the super computer was shut down. Xana escaped into the city network and lied dormant till she was awakened. She has shown herself to the original Lyoko group and explained she is building an army for a war. Now they have turned the super computer back on and are recruiting new members for their own army.

1:If i don't like something about ur character i will tell u to change it
2:no foul language
3:keep violence PG 13 level (not to gory)
4:correct spelling is necessary but not forced spell the best u can
5:no killing without permission
6:no controlling other players without their permission
7:keep attack out comes open
8:if u do not follow rules u will not play

CC aren't actual characters and can be controlled by anyone for any reason

Pets r allowed in dorms

Character format:





Earth Appearance:

Lyoko Appearance:

Earth Skills:(talents)

Roll: (worrier: ex. Ulrich, Rouge: ex. Yumi, Range: ex. Odd, Mage)

Lyoko Skills: (limited to 5 skills)

Dorm/day: (lives in dorm or owns house)



Shot Bio:
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Больше года AceDarkwolf17 said…
Name: Vince Parker

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Team: Lyoko

Earth Appearance: Vince is average height and weight with light tan skin, and medium length white hair which is always messy. He is always wearing small black lensed goggles which keeps his eye from being seen. He sports military dog tags around his neck and a ring on his right middle finger; both were given to him by his father. He wears a white long sleeve shirt underneath a black t-shirt with a parkour logo, pair of grey belts casually worn around his waist in a 'x' fashion, black pants, black shoes.

Parkour Logo - link

Lyoko Appearance: link - without the mask, and with his goggles

Earth Skills: Parkour, Artist, Jeet Kune Do, Insect Expert

Role: Warrior

Lyoko Skills:
1) Multiply - Create 4 clones

2) Super Speed

3) Absorb laser fire with sword

4) Scale up walls

Weapon: A single sword he has straped to his back -link

Vehicle:link - except its grey and black

Personality: Vince is a calm, collected, and solitary person, who is quite mysterious. He is portrayed as being somewhere between merely stoic and matter-of-fact, rarely ever smiling or showing emotion at all; rather than thank his team-mates for congratulating him on his victory in a martial arts compitition, he told them that he expected them to do the same. His interest in bugs only helps him strengthen this viewpoint; by spending most of his spare time watching bugs, people have come to identify Vince as "creepy", and tend to dislike being in his company for prolonged periods of time.

Dorm or Day: Dorm - Room-mates are several small tanks of insects

Other: His IQ is over 200, Strategist in battle

Bio: Vince was a transfer student to Kadic and had a difficult time making friends. Even after making friends, they still think he's creepy. He followed the gang to the factory and found out what was going on. Thats when Vince joined the gang to help them fight Xana. Vince is the team's strategist and plan maker.
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Больше года funkmasterd said…
Name: Dastan Johnson

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Team:(Lyoko/Xana) Lyoko

Earth Appearance: Jeans, black Vans, white undershirt with a red over shirt with blue dragon design on back and white strips coming from back to the front, medium blond hair covers part of his face.

Lyoko Appearance: image below without head piece and shoulder blades, cloth only on torso, everything that is purple is blue and staff is black

Earth Skills:(talents) talented artist (drawer) but keeps it secret

Roll: Mage

Lyoko Skills: (limited to 5 skills) shield: small barrier that surrounds whole body, can be expanded, Fire ball: small ball of fire destroys all enemies with one shot, Freeze: freezes enemies for a short time, weakens enemies, Heal: regains 20 life points can be used on all team mates, Flight: able to fly for short period of time.

Dorm/day: (lives in dorm or owns house) Dorm

Vehicle: Hover disk, a small circular metal disk with locks that hold rider in place

Personality: at first kinda mysterious and sent apart from people, but once u get to know him he can be fun and joyful but only with friends, kind of a tough guy and doesn't let anyone push him around.

Short Bio: New student to Kadic and has made only one friend, Odd. He knows the others but is not real friends with them has been 4 weeks since he come to Kadic and they trusted him with the secret of Lyoko. And in time he trusts them and they start to recruit others for their team.
 Name: Dastan Johnson Age: 15 Gender: Male Team:(Lyoko/Xana) Lyoko Earth Appearance: Jean
Больше года mostar1219 said…
Name: Monique Star
Age: 16
Gender: girl
Team: Lyoko
Earth Appearance: brown hair, almost like an Afro, wears pink-red tank, jeans, sandals, glasses, usually earplugs in ears due to listening to music.
Lyoko appearance: brown hair, partially down, glasses, music note on shirt, red markings on face, arms, and legs.
Earth skills: singing, poetry, writing
Roll: warrior
Lyoko skills:super singing, create with mind (similar to Aelita's power), see unseen attacks with eyes shut.
Dorm/day: dorm
Vehicle: red motorcycle
Personality: nice, can be random or crazy at times, determined, helpful, shy unless she trusts you enough to get to know you.
Short bio: transferred to Kadic to practice being independent. During her freetime, she's been all over the campus and near to find inspiration for poetry or something fascinating. One night, she went to the factory and found the supercomputer, but stayed there until the group came by, explained more about it and had her promise to keep it a secret.
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Больше года KibouSN said…
Name: Kibou Makoto
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Team: Lyoko
Earth Appearance: White, not pale. Dirty blonde hair, brown eyes. Wears a Grey hoodie, green shirt underneath, Blue jeans,white socks and shoes.
Lyoko Appearance: Suit like Ulrich's except blue where the orange was and black where the brown was. Wields two swords. Helmet colored like his armor covers his face.
Earth skills: Singing
Role: Warrior
Lyoko Skills: Triplicate, Triangulate, Draining- each attack cares life back to him, Foresees attacks before-hand, Turns into a ball and rotates like a saw with both blades pointing out opposite of each other and attacks opponent.
Dorm/day: Dorm
Vehicle: No vehicle, fast enough on foot.
Personality: Silent, but loyal to friends. Determined to help out when needed. Trusts no one unless needed to.
Short Bio: He funded his way into Kadic since he had no family to help him. On his first day, he noticed the Code Lyoko group head to the factory. He followed them, was scanned as Jeremy scanned the others, and was forced to keep it a secret.

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Больше года VladGal365 said…
Name: Kylie Pollux

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Team:(Lyoko/Xana) Lyoko

Earth Appearance: choppy black hair with pink streaks (shoulder length), blue eyes, white army jacket over a black Y & R T-shirt, skinny jeans, Carlos Santana boots

Lyoko Appearance: violet hair, crystal in the middle of forehead, blue cat eyes, black robes, hood covers head, gladiator sandals

Earth Skills:(talents) DJ, singing, dancing, artist, Parkour, can speak multiple languages, weapons expert

Roll: (worrier: ex. Ulrich, Rouge: ex. Yumi, Range: ex. Odd, Mage) Mage

Lyoko Skills: (limited to 5 skills) able to create sonic blasts
elemental magic
able to fly
shape shift

Dorm/day: (lives in dorm or owns house) dorm

Vehicle: silver motorcycle

Personality: easy to get along with

Weapon: blades that are hidden in her sleeves

Shot Bio: After coming to Kadic, Kylie noticed something off with the school: a few students go missing, and people try to destroy the school. She then stumbled onto the factory and scanned herself into Lyoko and nearly got possessed by X.A.N.A, but was saved and made an official member of Team Lyoko.
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Больше года mostar1219 said…
when are we going to start?
Больше года misshedgehog said…
can i join
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Больше года citrusella said…
Name- Mikasa Sakura
Age- 13
Gender- Female
Team- Lyoko
Earth Appearance- pic
Lyoko Appearance- pic
Earth Skills- Video Gaming, Singing, Acting, Art
Roll- Mage
Lyoko Skills- Flying, Magic, Energy Orbs, Telekinesis, Healer
Dorm/day- Dorm
Vehicle- Green Motorcycle
Personality- Very outgoing and bright
Weapon- Magic
Name- Luna Sakura [Mikasa's evil sister]
Age- 15
Gender- Female
Team- X.A.N.A.
Earth Appearance- pic
Lyoko Appearance- pic
Earth Skills- Flexibility, Stealth
Roll- Mage
Lyoko Skills- Flying, Magic, Lightning Orbs, Telekinesis, Shape Shift
Dorm/day- Dorm
Vehicle- Red Motorcycle
Personality- Very mean and mysterious
Weapon- Magic
Больше года citrusella said…
Больше года citrusella said…
-Mikasa Lyoko-
 -Mikasa Lyoko-
Больше года citrusella said…
Больше года citrusella said…
-Luna Lyoko-
 -Luna Lyoko-