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Source: Cartoon Network Magazine UK
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Numbah2:Your a...a...a-

Numbah11:A vampire....

Numbah2:How did it happen?

Numbah11:Well do Ты remember when we defeated the flingpires on the moonbase?

Numbah2:How could I forget.

Numbah11:Well Cree somehow escaped arctic prison only she looked ghosty gasy like the Grudger.She came and сказал(-а) unless I wanted my Друзья to suffer then I would have to take the negative flingpire energy myself and save them.Now I assured I knew she was bluffing but then she said....Good then your boyfriends first......


(Numbah11 nods a yes sadly)

(Her fangs go back in and Numbah's 10...
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Numbah1:Numbah 1's log at the moment me and my team mates of sector v are awaiting Numbah11 who's been on a вверх secret mission that seems to involve teenage-

(Numbah5 hits him)

Numbah1:Hey what was that for?!

Numbah5:Numbah 362 told Ты not to record anything ya big freeze pop!

Numbah1:Well Numbah5 isn't that ironic..I don't get brain freeze remember?

Numbah5:Put a носок in it.

(A ship lands in the docking station and two operatives in Космос Форс-мажоры emerge from the ship)


Numbah5:There not aliens stupid!

(They take the helmets off.It's Jessee and Suzy)

Jessee:Guys!(she rushes up and hugs...
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Source: Cartoon Network Magazine UK
Numbah2:Do Ты have any trace of what kind of tech is used in it?

Numbah11:Like I сказал(-а) it's totally unidentified.making it even еще dangerous then any of the kids Далее door can think of.

Numbah1:Okay everyone Numbah's 3,4,and 5 I want Ты to guard this ship with your life while Me and Numbah's 10,2,and 11 go to moonbase and sort things out with numbah 362.

Numbah3:Yay mission!!!

Numbah4:Oh crud please tell me your not gonna bring your-

Numbah3:Super Guarding gate радуга monkey?!of course Wally!

Numbah5:(slaps forehead)


Numbah2:Thats strange...


Numbah2:I swear...
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Abby came to about an hour-and-a half later. She tried to yawn and stretch but couldn't. Her legs and hands were being held down by little braces.
Wally, Kuki, Megan and Val were screaming and gnashing their teeth. Maddy, Minerva, and Hoagie were shaking. A sinister voice filled the air.
"You see, Ты naughty little childrens, THIS is why you're NOT supposed to enter a lab without asking. Consider this your punishment!"
Abby sighed.
"Not again...Listen, Fangface! Numbuh 5 has HAD it with Ты constantly-"
She stopped when she laid eyes on the face that the voice belonged to. His face was purple...
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Three years назад today, Codename: Kids Далее Door came to an end in the United States with it's finale, Operation: I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S. The Показать was considered to be one of Cartoon Network's most successful, having run for six full seasons, a feature-length movie and a finale special. While KND was not Cartoon Network's most Популярное Показать in terms of quantity of fans, the Фаны it did have were abnormally dedicated to the show. So, in this Статья I will summarize some of the reasons why this series was so special.

Note: This is an "opinion" article. It is based on my personal thoughts and I am...
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