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Listen guys, My ex girlfriend found all the peices to a maka cosplay (soul eater) looking through a thrift store! If Ты dont want to spend tons of money buying stuff from hong kong to Показать off at a con...look through a thrift store to find peices of clothing that could be used или tweaked to look like the real for a wig, wigs are pretty expensive so if Ты are really dedicated..just cut, или grow your hair out and dye it a certain color, all there is to it.

I am currently making rukia kuchiki cosplay out of fabric I bought, Ты don't have to lose a limb just to get an accurate costume! Just ask I will give suggestions on how to put things together, make Благодарности and things, and where to find merchandise online... Msg me или talk to me on my wall.

~Thank Ты