Cream the Rabbit how did Ты all fell in Любовь with Cream? или How did Ты started liking Cream?

sonicwave96 posted on Aug 15, 2009 at 05:44AM
My Story is that when i was in my home country Mexico i spent a lot of time watching Sonic X, Then one day, when I saw Cream in some episodes i kind'da fell in love with her, everyday that i spent watching her in Sonic X were like the best thing i had done in my life. just seeing her beautiful face and hearing her angelic voice were some of the things that kept me going through life. And now that i am in the U.S.A i watch Sonic x, believeing that Cream is with me and that we will be with each other forever.
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Больше года IAMCREAMRABBIT said…
when i noticed myself, i was in lots of video games and now im in a show!!! when i was starting to be in sonic x, i was 6 years old
and i noticed the people started to like me, and even some people started to think they are me so i told them your just an ubsesed fan,
and told them that there is only one cream and thats me.
Больше года Creamfan14 said…
Mm... not exalty remeber how but it was about 2 years ago (June 2012). I think it was when i watch Sonic X too.