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TodayWeGame posted on Nov 09, 2015 at 04:18AM
It was a Thursday night approximately 9:30 PM. I was heading upstairs to my bathroom to get a shower, my family was downstairs watching the ballgame. As I was walking upstairs to get to my bathroom I heard a low groan which sounded like it was coming from my upstairs attic. I didn't think much of it considering my house is roughly 80 years old and it was probably just the houses foundation shifting. As I went to the bathroom I heard small footsteps running across the hallway. I opened the door of the bathroom and looked outside the hallway but there was nothing. I found this quite strange thatI heard footsteps outside the bathroom considering my mom and my dad were both hard-core football fans and they probably wouldn't be leaving the living room to come upstairs for any reason, and I didn't have any pets. I I guess I was just being paranoid. I went to the shower and got cleaned up, washed my hair and so on you know the average thing you would do in the shower. As I got out of the shower I heard dead silence which was really strange considering my mom my dad are normally screaming their heads off of the TV for the players to score a goal. Something was off and I didn't like it. As I crept downstairs to see what was wrong the bloody power went out. Luckily I had my phone on me which had a light on it, I turned on the light but it didn't do much but it was still alight. As I walked over to my dads recliner which was facing the TV so I couldn't really see his body. there was a black poll of liquid I couldn't tell what it was so I assumed my dad must've spilled his drink on the floor whilst he was cheering for his team and he didn't notice it. I walked over to the pool of liquid and stuck my finger into and i discovered it was warm and coagulated I thought to myself "no this isn't a liquid it's i-ts b-lo BLOOD!!" I turned to see my mom and my dad in their chairs with huge stab wounds in their bodies and their eyes gouged out. I screamed and I ran outside. As I got outside I shakily dialed 911 and screamed at the operator to dispatch me some goddamn police. She asked me what happened, and I told her "my parents of been murdered!!!"she told me to calm down and wait outside for the police.approximately five minutes after I called the operator one police car showed up and got outside of his car looked at me and asked what happened here and I told him my parents were murdered he looked at me and said with a low sunken voice "I know......"
 It was a Thursday night approximately 9:30 PM. I was heading upstairs to my bathroom to get a shower,

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Больше года bloodydancer said…
thats pretty good make the rest of it its really good