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gaytime posted on Aug 12, 2017 at 12:57PM
I woke up today with a bright smile. Got off of my bed and went straight to my PC. Opened up YouTube and watched some scary stuff [mostly creepypastas]. They were all scary, sure, but not as scary as the beast i am about to tell you. It was late at night. I'm finishing my last video of today. As it ends, i heard thumping on my house. It scared me! But alas, it was just a thwomp. Nothing scary. I turn my PC off and went to bed. I still cannot get the stories off of my head. They are scary but i know it is not real. I closed my eyes, trying to sleep, until i heard the thomp again. I opened my eyes and all i see is darnkness. I don't see a thing that would cause a huge thomp. I got out of my bed and went to the living room. I cannot see a single thing, until one light turned on and there it is. The beast. I ran to my bed and grabbed my blanket.As I try to cover myself with my blanket, the beast had already came to my room. Looking at me with its huge, dead, eyes. I was scared. I can't think straight. I was about to cry. He then vored me. The end.

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