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This is a story I Опубликовано on Fanfiction.net A LONG TIME AGO, a long with a lot of other stories. I've finally worked up the courage to post some of them on this site. I decided to start with this one-shot.

Bonnie McCullough smiled as she stared at the clock.

She was going to drive back to the house she'd been renting, and back to….Damon.

He had moved in with her just a week ago, and she'd had a hard time of staying away from him for too long lately.

But unfortunately, her college managed to keep her away from him for at least six hours on the week days.

But now she was in her last class, eyeing...
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It's really sad to see the relationship of Damon and Bonnie receive so much OTT and unnecessary hate from the TVD fandom. I'm trying to constitute why so many people within this fandom feel the constant need to bash Bamon. But then, one day, a light bulb went off in my head and everything was crystal clear. The truth is, my fellow Bamonators, Bamon receives so much hate because the people who bash this beautiful connection are indeed insecure and jealous. And when I talk about Bamon haters, I'm of course referring to none other then the Delena supporters. Ты see, the Delena supporters feel...
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 Bonnie McCullough
Bonnie McCullough
Read this interesting info I found
and in the end of it I will explain it all! ;)

Physical Appearance

Bonnie was turned into a vampire at the age of 21, buat as much as she hates to admit it, her small frame and dimpled cheeks make her appear even younger than that. The young vampire generally looks еще elfish than angelic, expression usually blindly cheerful. Her large brown eyes are the звезда features of her heart-shaped face but by far, Bonnie’s best and most noticeable asset is her head full of fiery red curls. When human, Bonnie was frequently...
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The beautiful bamon scene on 5x22, the Season Finale for the Vampire Diaries, was accompanied perfectly with the song link.


Sunlight comes creeping in
Illuminates our skin
We watch the день go by
Stories of all we did
It made me think of you
It made me think of you

Under a trillion stars
We danced on вверх of cars
Took pictures of the stage
So far from where we are
They made me think of you
They made me think of you

Oh lights go down
In the moment we're Остаться в живых and found
I just wanna be by your side
If these wings could fly
Oh damn these walls
In the moment we're ten feet tall
And how Ты told me after it all...
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sorry guys for the bad quality :( i really hope you'll Любовь my vid anyway
vampire diaries
Фан video
So, I'm an avid Фан of the TVD novels series. As all of Ты already know by now, I am a HUGE Book Bamon fan. In fact, I am еще of a Book Bamon supporter then a Показать Bamon supporter, however, at one point, I loved Показать Bamon as well. But a lot of things have changed in regards to my passion and support for Показать Bamon that I have decided to just stick with Book Bamon for now. Maybe things will change in the future when it comes to Показать Bamon but some major adjustments will need to be made in terms of Damon's characterization and also, increasing the amount of character exploration on the part...
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