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EastendersRox posted on Apr 03, 2011 at 05:55PM
caroline stared into damons big green eyes, they shon in the moonlight. Then suddunly Andie walked up to him and kissed him, it made made me feel like someone just punched my heart out. I watched Damon stare into Andies blue eyes, he then wispered something in her ear, and she laughed. It hurt to watch this happen so she decided to walk hom, she was going to get a lift with damon but I couldent bear it if Andie was there to, after a few minuets of walking, she heard rustling in the bushs behind her she turned around, and suddenly a throbing pain appeared in her back she let out a scream, then she felt another pain in her back, and she fell to the ground. she let out a silent screatch, and staredv up at the person standing over her. Elijah. Yes little Caroline its me I managed to eascape you and your friends little clutches he siad strokeing her cheak then he shot her again, and she felf the most horrrible pain in her life as vervain soaked wooden bullets tore into her fleash, I want to make you all pay for what you did to me...or at least tryed to do to me he said smileing, and I think I will start with you little caroline he said as another bullet tore through her fleash, he smiled then, a figer appered out of the darkness and drove a stake through his heart. the figer then turned around.Damon. he ran over to me and kissed my forhead are you ok he wispered to me, I couldent bear if anything happened to you he said. We stared into each others eyes for a moment then he kissed me, it was to most relaxing thing I had ever done in my life he pulled away and wispered into my ear I love you caroline forbes,I giggled and wispered back I love you to.

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I Will Always Supporting Damon & Caroline Because I'm Also Shipping Them As Teem Darker Daroline