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Again im not a writer but i am so in Любовь with the couple !!! x damon and elena

Damon and Elena school Любовь part 3

It was stefan, i had no idea what to do my mind just froze all i could think about was getting damon out of my room, damon stood up and walked slowly over to the window without taking his eyes off me and picked up his рубашка where he had thrown it off in the heat of our passion. He just stood there looking at me but i was panicing that stefan would come up and see .
"DAMON!" i shouted but damon flew across the bedroom and put his hand over my mouth
"You shouldnt be so stupid to shout my name out when my borthers down stairs" he whispered in my ear. In the corner of my eye i could see the door about to open, damon flew across the room and straight out the window.

"Elena are Ты decent?" сказал(-а) a fimiliar voice
"umm yeah" i сказал(-а) unsure about who this voice was
Stefan entered carrying a black bag
"Whats that for?" i сказал(-а) intreged
"Its for damon" he сказал(-а) looking devistated
"why whats in it?" i сказал(-а) curiosly
"you dont wanna know" stefan quickly moved and sat down on my постель, кровати leaving the black bag by the door.
"you and damon get along dont you?" he сказал(-а)
"i guess so i mean yeah hes rude and yeah he likes humilation" i сказал(-а) looking at the floor as i forgot stefan was by the side of me i carried on...
"and yeah he has the cuteist little smile sometimes"
"WHAT!" stefan shouted
"Look i have to tell Ты something and your not gonna like it but this thing that i have to tell Ты is really important to me and i cant keep putting your happiness before mine" i looked into stefans eyes and held his hand
"I know that damon is bad news but so am i" i began simple and left out alot
"What about Ты and damon" he was egar to learn the truth
"Im in Любовь with him, please dont speak, Ты see at the school dance something happened between me and him, and i cant deny it any longer its like me and him are magnetic like we belong togther, and ive felt this ever since i met him, i know that your gonna be mad and hate me and him for a while but if Ты can see how great and how much we are in Любовь then times a big healer"
i could see tears in his eyes, i felt like i had just destroyed a life, i felt like something eating away at me like a knot im my stomach drowning me from the inside.

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