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Dating Shenzhen women. Are they a good choice?  SpencerVadz34 0 246 Больше года
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Dating my own crazy rich Asian gf  mikeP03 0 246 Больше года
What’s “The Shining” really about?  ThyronGaile25 0 183 Больше года
Any creative ideas for a first date?  dsirecarter30 0 61 Больше года
Need help setting up my new woman profile. Any tips?  hazeP32 0 122 Больше года
My girlfriend is controlling me with my gaming  gamelover34 0 183 Больше года
New to the online dating scene. Any tips for a noob?  zedr12 0 122 Больше года
How do I Показать my дата a good time?  lewisx14 0 61 Больше года
The woman of my dreams just asked me out.  bigheart031 0 305 Больше года
Need some tips in wooing Lima women.  steffP3 0 305 Больше года
What are some best qualities of Colombian women?  alexp2 0 244 Больше года
How do Ты know if she likes Ты back?  galvin90 0 183 Больше года
Asking ex-gf out again  felinlove02 0 184 Больше года
Seriously considering going on a romance tour.  seriousguy01 0 367 Больше года
Should I дата her of amidst distance?  jarred1977 0 488 Больше года
Are Lima women always this upfront?  colinx3 0 122 Больше года
How to ask online gf to meet up?  metlover3 0 0 Больше года
Gained confidence to try dating. Goodluck to me!  shwanz2 0 122 Больше года
Just moved to Peru. Need Совет for dating Lima women.  jazz03 0 122 Больше года
Need help with my online dating profile.  devr02 0 244 Больше года
I wonder when my ghost friend will be back.  kahlil1977 0 61 Больше года
Is hiring a dating coach really worth it?  simonluv 0 305 Больше года
How do Ты say Ты are not into her anymore?  slater1973 0 61 Больше года
Lima women are so sweet. Are most of them like this?  mikv023 0 122 Больше года
Where to find a good dating coach?  cole9 0 610 Больше года
A foreign lady keeps stalking me and Idk what to do about it  travis04 0 183 Больше года
New girl reminds me too much of ex gf  carlvei3 0 61 Больше года
Why are women from USA prefer casual dating over LTRs?  lookingforU1 0 366 Больше года
I'm sick of being single and having no one to love.  singleguy3 0 183 Больше года
Are Shenyang women open to дата American men?  liam1973 0 244 Больше года
As a Kiev woman, is it ideal to дата an American man?  sofialuv 0 244 Больше года
Traveling to Kiev to meet my Pen pal friend. Advice?  bryson28 0 427 Больше года
Online bride... to be или not to be? I need advice.  confuselady25 0 0 Больше года
What to write for an international dating blog site?  zepe12 0 244 Больше года
My twin brother wants me to дата a Thai.  blake1973 0 244 Больше года
Are new woman Профиль in dating apps real?  davidff1 0 366 Больше года
My cousin got a girlfriend from an international dating blog.  wallaceright 0 732 Больше года
Any motivating international dating blogs out there?  adamv1 0 122 Больше года
Ex-girlfriend is jealous of me joinging Latin America singles club  zack7 0 244 Больше года
Can anyone give me some foreign 101 lesson?  frye1973 0 244 Больше года
Are Peru ladies really conservative?  aldrin3 0 61 Больше года
My dad wants a Peruvian lady as his секунда wife.  oconner1990 0 183 Больше года
Are there decent internet brides?  philw2 0 366 Больше года
I am looking for a Filipina bride.  vinzking 0 305 Больше года
Do Ты meet decent women in places like Latin America singles club?  sivan86 0 122 Больше года
How to ask out Kiev Ladies for a date?  romex14 0 183 Больше года
Long distant relationships??  sillyapple13 1 814 Больше года
Rick Ross's personal file.  kistofer 1 1312 Больше года
New Любовь and relationship interests page inside FB  karin144 1 867 Больше года
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what would be the best дата  love8 4 1781 Больше года
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Grab the attention of damsels  jhonethan 2 1606 Больше года
Internet Dating Sites  Lizzy-ILoveJB 2 1172 Больше года
Where should i propose for my girlfriend?  bullden 1 648 Больше года
internet dating.  fitzdude 11 1346 Больше года
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onlinedating  onlinedating 1 808 Больше года
datingsites  datingsites 1 455 Больше года
free dating sites  seankingston 3 659 Больше года
AWKWARD SITCH  friendsrox 1 962 Больше года