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By Jeff Gordinier
The Californication звезда on sex addiction, Nietzsche and secondary infections.

Q: This spring you’re starring in a movie called The Joneses, in which Ты play the “father” of a cool but fake family that a corporation assembles to coax their neighbors into buying stuff. I suppose a lot of Знаменитости do the same thing.
A: Yeah, sure. I haven’t sold that much. But the culture that’s embracing Twilight and Paranormal Activity and District 9 and 2012—you could kind of say that The X-Files sold that.

Q: Ты helped release a media virus.
A: Exactly. And now it’s reinfected...
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Главная is where the сердце is and my сердце is
out travelling. Up into the wild blue yonder,
wingless, prayerful that this miracle of flight
will not end,just yet
Also at home, with you, on the ground
wherever Ты might he at the moment, grounded
like a highschooler, like a wire, a bird and a wire,
feet on the ground and my сердце in my throat now, now
in my feet, lawfully descending with gravity
to the lower, lowest, most sought after
most beautifully bound, home.
Aspirations involve reparations. We reach
for the stars wondering what we are.
But my Reason has been found
by finding Ты and looking down And it...
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