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DBSK has not come to Singapore for a long time. If this концерт is on,(Check out:link) THEN, Both JUNHO and DBSK JUNSU is coming to SG for a концерт at Singapore. QUICK GRAB the packages now for close up contact before MARCH 15th. The organiser is still deciding where to hold the event depending on the no. of people.

FOR VERIFICATION purpose: the organiser is Quest Group Holdings Pte Ltd according to the website дана and the business registration number is 200412202N. So it is a total reliable one.

WHAT ARE Ты WAITING For ??? LOL. Grab your chance now.
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I was really obsessed with ThIs song ^^ ^_^ ^-* <<<333
wrong number
Музыка video
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 yunho's giving his Любовь fr jae and jae take it in full of Любовь
yunho's giving his love fr jae and jae take it in full of love
yunjae couple becomes really popular
YUN-yunho JAE-jaejoong

what can we think when we heard about yunjae??
it's all about ur mind

firsly..the reason y they became Популярное is their act..
y???if we look at any Видео about YUNJAE,,they really look like a real couple
honestly,,not juz me,but there'r many people сказал(-а) that yunho really look likes a boyfriend while jaejoong look likes his girlfriend.
as we know,yunho is very manly.his charisma..body shape(looks really manly)while jae is feminine,his beautiful face,his cooking....yeah like mom and dad in the group..yunjae...
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