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They exist. We all know that.
From the moment we begin to get online, we are warned by adults and teachers of what we are not to do:
*don't tell people your real name
*don't use your nickname
*don't tell people where your from
*don't tell your age
*don't tell your gender
*don't talk to anyone too old

The Список goes on and on.
Because there are people who get some sick pleasure from mentally-and eventually physically-screwing around with teens and kids, hoping to get an easy lay; maybe even kill the child.
I understand playing it safe; I myself try to be careful.
But there are older men and women...
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John Oliver explains why the UK leaving the EU is a terrible idea, who's responsible for it, and everything it'll screw up. There's also a lovely little song at the end. Clip from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, June 19, 2016.
united kingdom
european union
last week tonight
john oliver
june 2016
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 Young Abolitionist
Young Abolitionist
    In most people’s minds, April 8th 2002 was a день like any other. But on that день луч, рэй Krone was released from death row in Arizona. DNA evidence had proven him innocent of the 1991 murder of a bartender in Phoenix. Mr. Krone was special because he was the 100th person released from death row since 1973 after new evidence had proven him innocent (“A Вопрос of Innocence”). Throughout many years, the death penalty has been a controversial issue that calls into Вопрос a number of factors. The death penalty is ineffective at deterring criminals, keeping costs down...
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Credit: The Daily Показать with Trevor Noah.
donald trump
the daily Показать
So being as math is the bane of my existence right now and I've finally snapped and nothing is left of my motivation in regards to math but a manifestation of pure rage and anger I am going to rant еще about how much I hate math. I have grown to hate it so much that I am now putting effort and energy into my hatred of it. So I will now continue my venting and raging about why students shouldn't have to suffer like so.That сказал(-а) parts of this are going to be taken from my Комментарий over on my 'is math necessary' poll.

So being as горький about math as I've grown to be, I've done quite a bit of research...
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An in-depth analysis / criticism of Dennis Prager's Популярное right-wing organization by youtuber Shaun.
Adam Conover explains why circumcision is so Популярное in the United States, even among the Christian and non-religious population. Why?
adam conover
adam ruins everything
history of circumcision
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Source: Doonesbury, January 2002
Just kidding. Below are a few Вопросы I’ve attempted to answer about the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC). This isn’t formal research, just a few points that I believe need to be brought to attention.

What is this ‘Westboro Baptist Church’ Ты speak of?
The fine folks at Wikipedia have summarized that in far fewer words than I ever could have, so if Ты are unfamiliar with the WBC, I would suggest Чтение the first paragraph link.

How does a church from Kansas have enough money to send members to protest all over the US?
Since the WBC classifies itself as a church, they are not required...
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