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Deidara’s obsession for his art is perhaps his most notable personality trait. He seems to view each and every bomb he creates as a piece of art and a significant accomplishment in its own right. He left his Главная village of Iwagakure, because they disapproved of the techniques he developed. He hated Itachi for defeating his art, and even developed C4 clay and trained his left eye to counter genjutsu for the purpose of defeating Itachi someday. Deidara even once exclaimed to Sasuke in their fight that Sasuke had no respect for his art and that it made Deidara want to kill him. He even seems...
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Ты walk down the hallway of your school, dressed in a (fav colour) рубашка and blue jeans. Your (colour) hair had (fav colour) streaks in it and your bangs covered your (eye colour) left eye. Ты walk up to your best friend, Deidara.
“Merry Рождество Dei!” Ты hand him a present wrapped in green with red ribbon.
Deidara lifted out a black рубашка with white Письмо saying ‘Art is a Bang!’
“[Name]! I Любовь it, un!” he launched his arms around Ты in a tight hug. “For you!” he hands Ты a purple wrapped gift.
Slowly, Ты unwrap the paper, expecting… well, expecting a clay explosive....
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NOTE:Here's a Список of ten things Ты cud do to make Deidei mad. If Ты like it and want me to write еще Статьи like this plz comment. Thnks un!

1.Wait until Deidara and Sasori are fighting and say "Art is eternal!"

2.Ask him if he is part of Al Queda.

3.Tell him Ino is his long Остаться в живых sister.

4.Every time he talks finish his sentence for him with un,hmhp,or yeah.

5.Ask him where he gets his eyeliner in front of the entire Akatsuki.

6.Ask him why his weapons look like play-doh.

7.When he blows up something ask,Little fireworks,is it July.4th already?

8.In front of the entire Akatsuki, Вопрос Deidara's reason for having hand-mouths.

9.Put black dye in his shampoo and ask why he looks like Itachi.

10.Ask if his theme song is "Dude Looks Like a Lady"
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