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 ❤ Inori and Shu❤
❤ Inori and Shu❤
These days Ты don't Любовь me no more.
Nor am I still treasured by you
And this way, I'll be all alone

That is how Ты always
Make me mad and cry in the end
But I loved
How your face looked when Ты said, "I'm sorry"

Please do not let me go
Hold me tight--Yes, with all my heart
I want to be in your arms
Together, with our foreheads touching
We'll fall asleep

Such a beautiful song.The feels :'( The Аниме this song is from, which is Guilty Crown, made me depressed for a very long time. I still get really sad when I listen to this song.
Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes + lyrics SONG
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Dark, melancholic version of Carol of the Bells. Check out Steampianist's Youtube if Ты like it. Merry Christmas!
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Every time somebody helps her she holds on to him.
They try to give her hope not realizing that they embody that hope
then they suddenly vanish and take away pieces of her
and her hope is gone
Once again, left alone
This will continue until she's completely empty
Being robbed, one by one
Until she turns numb
Her dusty glass crown
has shattered to pieces long ago
Depression is what envelopes her every day

Crying 'til her tears dry out
'Til her eyes are red
They will always look dead
Laying in her bed
"You will be fine, don't cry!"
That's what they said.

Being lied to, every day
In every way
It's always the same...
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The радуга full of color and light
broken dreams and tears in flight
bedtime stories to fall asleep
nightmares awaken to disturb me

shadows glide across the room
shifting shapes and violent jerks
getting closer, setting fire
scary faces and disturbing smirks

these faces in my dreams are nothing as they seem
freeing demons to come control me
setting огонь to the rain as i sleep
you're nothing as i thought Ты be

sparkles fall from the sky and burn my eyes
a haunting scene of melting light
Показать me something to set me free
to escape this place of foresaken reality

crackling embers burn my skin
sounds of bells ring in my ears
peoples misery drawing in fears
touch me and watch me fall to the ground

fancy charms, rude awakenings
multicolored hearts fill the pages of my mind
dark memorys erase once was
my soul forever Остаться в живых never was kind

i know life isnt always
worth while but I know
Ill find someone who
will treat me like I should

Only In My Dreams
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fading away
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