DewClan Calling All Members Of DewClan!

orkneymatrix posted on May 27, 2010 at 06:52PM
Cats of DewClan here are your allegiances!

Dewstar(orkneymatrix)a blue grey she-cat with white splotches and pale blue gleaming eyes.[7 lives left]
Apprentice: Swiftpaw

Olivestone- a ginger tabby tom with fierce green eyes.

Alpha Warrior
Hazeleyes(Rainsky57)a gentle ginger she-cat with hazel coloured eyes.
Apprentice: Silverpaw

Medicine Cat
Dawnbreeze(Dovemoon)a white she-cat with silver patches that are outlined in fiery orange and bright green eyes.

Poppyleaf- a gentle long haired red she-cat with brown eyes that are almost black.
Apprentice: Mousepaw
Icetree- a white tom with deep green eyes.
Shiningclaw- a sleek grey tom with sharp ice blue eyes.
Apprentice: Treepaw
Starfire- a gleaming amber she-cat with soft brown eyes and a limp.
Apprentice: Willowpaw
Pricklepelt- an unusually spotted tom with amber eyes.
Redpelt- a red tom with amber eyes.
Apprentice: Swallowpaw
Hollytail(codyxgwen101)a long haired sleek black she-cat with delicate green eyes.
Apprentice: Sorrowpaw
Goldeye(hellomia)a orange she-cat that shines when the sun hits it with golden eyes.
Nightstorm(silverstream101)a black she-cat with blue eyes.
Apprentice: Dovepaw
Ashfang(moonglow123)a handsome long-furred fluffy dark grey tom with yellow-amber eyes.[Ivyflight's mate]
Raintalon(moonglow123)a silver tom with black stripes and a white muzzle, chest, paws and tail-tip.
Windshadow(moonglow123)a silver tom with black stripes in weird swirls.
Ivyflight- a pretty tortoiseshell and black white she-cat.[Ashfang's mate]

Willowpaw(jbinthehouse)a brown she-cat with wise amber eyes.
Treepaw- a brown tom with emerald green eyes.
Swiftpaw- a silver she-cat with crystal clear eyes.
Silverpaw- a silver she-cat with crystal clear eyes.
Sorrowpaw- a silver tabby tom with crystal clear eyes.
Swallowpaw(jbinthehouse)a silver tabby tom with darker streaks along his back with crystal clear eyes.
Mousepaw(Mousefang)a small injured she-cat with an amber pelt and brown eyes.
Dovepaw(arcaninegal123)a silver she-cat with stripes and blue eyes.

Triggerfoot- a ginger she-cat with brown, almost black eyes.
Voleear- a brown scruffy she-cat with amber eyes.

Leaffall- a grumpy tom with a silver stained pelt and grotty emerald eyes.
Hillfall- a kind-hearted tom with a sleek silver pelt and clear emerald eyes.

Triggerfoot's litter
Tigerkit- an amber tabby tom with amber, almost red eyes.
Poolkit- a pale blue she-cat with gentle ice cold eyes.
Featherkit- a pale ginger she-cat with amber eyes.
Nightkit(warrior_kit14)a pitch black tom with devious dark brown eyes.
Voleear's litter
Grasskit- a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white chest and white paws and green eyes.
Risingkit- a red she-cat with a big busy tail and amber eyes.
Stormkit- a misty blue grey she-cat with one white paw and amber eyes.
Ivyflight's litter
Hawkkit- a golden-brown coloured tom with black stripes
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Больше года hellomia said…
big smile
my name will be goldeye.i have a orange pelt that shines when the sun hits it and two golden eyes.warrior is what i will be.
Больше года orkneymatrix said…
Sure but you must be loyal
Больше года Mousefang said…
can i b Mousepaw?
Больше года orkneymatrix said…
Sure. Your mentor is Poppyleaf as she'll be gentle with you
Больше года Mousefang said…
ummmm how am i injured?
Больше года orkneymatrix said…
You were injured in a battle Mousepaw
Больше года Mousefang said…
like my is cripple.......... i'll never a TRUE warroior will i?
Больше года orkneymatrix said…
I cant tell at the moment. But you may if you think up some different moves
Больше года Mousefang said…
big smile
k i'll work on it
Больше года orkneymatrix said…
Good job Mousepaw tell Poppyleaf
Больше года Mousefang said…
i have an idea for battle training
Больше года arcaninegal123 said…
Could I be Dovepaw? Silver she cat with stripes and blue eyes.
Больше года orkneymatrix said…
Sure Dovepaw. Your mentor is Nightstorm.

Больше года Rainsky57 said…
Could I be Hazeleyes?
Больше года orkneymatrix said…
Больше года warrior_kit14 said…
Can I be nightkit? When will I get to be an apprentice>???
Больше года orkneymatrix said…
Yes and soon.
Больше года warrior_kit14 said…
*smiles happily* Cool!
Больше года Rainsky57 said…
*smiles at Nightkit* ~Hazeleyes
Больше года warrior_kit14 said…
Hello Hazeleyes. - Nightkit
Больше года Dovemoon said…
Hi. I'm Dovemoon... but i see the name as dove is taken....... I'm Dawnbreeze. A white she-cat with big silver patches that are outlined in fiery orange. I have bright green eyes. Usually I'm a warrior.... but u have no medicine cat!!! How can i not?! I am a very good medicine cat.. May I please join?? I'm a kind young she-cat.
Больше года codyxgwen101 said…
can i be hollytail?
Больше года codyxgwen101 said…
also i wanted to join this clan
Больше года orkneymatrix said…
You are both added. Welcome to DewClan.
Больше года codyxgwen101 said…
big smile
Thank u!!!!!!!!
Больше года orkneymatrix said…
Your welcome.
Больше года jbinthehouse said…
Hi can I be swallowpaw and willowpaw??
Больше года orkneymatrix said…
Sure you can.
Больше года jbinthehouse said…
Больше года orkneymatrix said…
No problem.
Больше года jbinthehouse said…
*looks around in camp and sighs*- swallowpAw
Больше года orkneymatrix said…
What's wrong, Swallowpaw?
Больше года moonglow123 said…
big smile
hi can i be
ashfang,raintalon,and windshadow?
ashfang is a handsome longfurred fluffy dark gray tom with yellow/amber eyes

his brothers windshadow and raintalon are both silver with black stripes but raintaloin has a white muzzle,chest,paws and tailtip.and windshadows stripes are in wierd swirls

oh and ashfang has a mate named ivyflight(queen) she is a pretty toirtusshell and black and white shecat
their kits name is hawkkit,a golden/brown colored tom with black stripes
last edited Больше года
Больше года moonglow123 said…
Больше года Dovemoon said…
Больше года Dovemoon said…
* yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnn . *
Больше года orkneymatrix said…
Hi sorry I haven't been on in a while, but its all added. And thank you, Dawnbreeze, for the emphasis on that point.
Больше года Dovemoon said…
Больше года Dovemoon said…
( error... )
Больше года moonglow123 said…
big smile
hey umm... how do you make the words all italicizy?

*hawkit bounced up to stormkit*wanna play?-hawkkit
Больше года orkneymatrix said…
italic? put in front of it and to close the italics :)
Больше года moonglow123 said…
i still dont really getit:/
Больше года orkneymatrix said…
before it to open italics put [i]
Больше года orkneymatrix said…
after it to close italics put [/i]
Больше года Dovemoon said…
so it should be something like this [ i ] words wanting to be in italics [ / i ] except there are no spaces in the little thingies. (these things [ ] )
Больше года moonglow123 said…
ohhh lemme try
im trying right now
Больше года moonglow123 said…
Больше года WarriorLover199 said…
Hey I'd like to be bloodpool and I'm a black she cat with a red paw and red eyes