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Sergeant James Doakes: Can we please secure this motherf**king crime scene?

Sergeant James Doakes: Surprise mutha fucka.

Sergeant Doakes: Иисус Christ, Morgan. Иисус f**king Christ, *you're* the бухта, залив Harbor Butcher!

Sergeant Doakes: [Doakes seemingly walks up out of nowhere] Stop grinning like a f**king psycho and get back to work!

Sergeant James Doakes: Oh, and Ты owe me a new Michelin, Ты motherf****r.

Sergeant James Doakes :I am watching Ты motherf****r

Sergeant James Daokes: That's right, motherf*****r, it's over.

Sergeant James Daokes: We can stand here all f**king день I don't give a f**k...
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It certainty shocked me! I mean at first when Декстер finally caught Trinity I was so happy! Finally Trinity was going to get his comeuppance! Декстер sure gave it to him. I Любовь how he used a hammer!Knowing the series I was highly suspicious of this "fairy-tale ending" I had this nervous feeling that something was gonna happen to Декстер something BIG.When it finally did happen I WAS BLOWN AWAY! I mean I could NOT believe that the show's creators could do that to Dexter! Now the Вопрос remains. What will Декстер do now? Will he abandon his family или will he be able to become a single dad, and forsake his Dark Passenger forever? I think Декстер will be a good single dad, but I don't know if can entirely give up his murderous ways. Not after what happened to Rita. I think he will DEFIANTLY keep killing. It's the only way he knows how to cope with such an ordeal. It's his only solution for him to keep his "mask" in place. If he doesn't he may very well loose everything.
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Well Im kinda new here, Im argentinian so here tomorrow is the Предварительный просмотр of the 3º season so imagine how upset Im am. Anyway I Любовь Декстер I think its one of the best Показать I've ever seen. When Michael C. Hall won a golden globe I keep the newspaper and I stik it in the Стена of my bedroom. My Друзья doesn't see Dexter, they don't even know him. So I see Декстер alone. I remember when I was all the week waiting to the wednesday so I could see Декстер and then Desesperate Housewifes. Декстер was really important for me it was one of the best shows and I want to read the Книги but I can't obtain them. One день my daddy told me that Декстер has Cancer I don't believe him. Then I found out that was truth and I was really sad. So I just want to know if he is ok maybe cause Ты are northamerican Ты know something.

PS: Don't post any Комментарий of the 3,4 или 5 season cause I didn't saw them

Thank Ты for read
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