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It's a lot like Romeo and Juliet! :DD
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 zenon minamoto
zenon minamoto
this takes place after zoe and takuya argue and just to let Ты know that i'm adding mimi tachikawa on this story she's gonna serve as takuya's Любовь interest don't ask why i'm just adding her because i like koji and zoe together anyways on with the story.

j.p and zoe started walking "i can't believe takuya, mimi and tommy went the other way , it's pretty obvious the right way i hope he can be a real jerk sometimes". he сказал(-а) standing in front of zoe with his arms crossed. zoe turn to see a way to the other side. "you got that right" she replied then countiued walking leaving j.p talking to himself....
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Lyrics with English translation:
Kimi no tame ni Boku no tame ni
Nani ga dekiru?

    for Ты and for me
what can I do?

Mienai nani ka ni michibikare
Bokura wa mata
Meguriaeta ne
Yakusoku datta Toki o koete

    being led by something unseen
once again, we
were able to meet
passing over the promised time

Kimochi ga sukitooru yo (sou da ne)
Kawaranai egao ni ima

    my feeling is clear (yes)
at the unchanging smile now

Eien ni monogatari wa
Kimi o shujinkou ni erabu yo
Takusan no deai to sayonara ga
Michishirube sa (michishirube sa) Bokura no

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