Dior What can we learn when Face to face with celebrity?

DawenSmith posted on Aug 20, 2012 at 06:32AM

Many have heard of Warren Buffet’s famous lunches on link. Guests can ask the billionaire investor any questions about business and philanthropy over a fine meal in a restaurant. They asked the CEOs of Bertelsmann China companies about careers and innovative ideas at a French restaurant in Beijing.<p>
Know link? Know Dennis Hub, CEO of averts Systems China, a global IT full service provider replied: “It’s important to have ownership of your own position. Instead of passively regarding your job as tasks, try to think of it in a more creative way.” The group got their invites by displaying entrepreneurship in the Talents Meets Bertelsmann (TMB) China workshop 2012 to enter the final. They stood out from hundreds of applicants around the country. At dinner they were encouraged to fire questions at the CEOs and produce creative reports based on the information collected during the dinner.<p>
link gave students the opportunity to have face-to-face, in-depth talks with senior bosses, to share not only their business insights but also their career and life experiences and advice,” said Elyn Hu, a senior HR manager of Bertelsmann China Corporate Center. The students’ questions ranged from how the bosses see themselves in the workplace to even how often they cook for themselves at home. “I was struck by all the odd questions the students raised,” said Hong Kong native Ricky Ng, General Manager from iClick China, a leading online performance marketing provider in Asia. Some students wanted to know how the CEOs started their in-house careers as entrepreneurs from an entry-level position directly after graduation!<p>

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