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 “We weren’t laughing at you, honestly.”
“We weren’t laughing at you, honestly.”
“I’d give anything to be a knight on a white charger,” сказал(-а) Arthur. It was now late morning and Merlin, Belle and Arthur were strolling alongside the side of the moat that surrounded the castle. Belle had a feeling that whilst the moat didn’t look particularly deep, it probably was. Arthur had a stick in his hand and was pretending it was a sword, slicing at the long blades of трава that tickled their ankles.

Belle grinned and picked up a stick from the grass. “Oh, yes? Well, let’s see how much Ты know about sword fighting, Sir Arthur.” Then she and Arthur engaged in a quick...
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 "If he thinks he can get rid of us, I’ve got news for that old walrus! We’re sticking it out!”
"If he thinks he can get rid of us, I’ve got news for that old walrus! We’re sticking it out!”
“Best room in the house!” Merlin repeated, in a very, very disgruntled tone, as he placed pot after pot beneath leak after leak. He was in one of his grumpy moods again, only this time, Belle couldn’t blame him. They were running out of pots to catch all the water in. “Guest room! Unwelcomed guest room! But if he thinks he can get rid of us, I’ve got news for that old walrus! We’re sticking it out!”

“And I say we go back to the woods!” snapped an equally disgruntled Archimedes from his house.

Belle was busy mopping the floor where a leaky patch had spread until Merlin had put...
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As suggested by GypsyMarionette, I'm going to make a step-by-step process on how to manipulate an image.
*This is to help other users who want to make an OC. :)

As always, I'll be using link here.

I'll make two samples & steps here. One for hair manipulation and the other for face manipulation.

Let's start with the hair.
I'll be manipulating Aurora's beautiful hair with Anastasia's body.

So first is to cut out Aurora's hair. I used the 'Polygonal Lasso Tool', instead of the 'Wand tool', to go through the details. (Have patience on doing this)
*Remember to start and end at the same point....
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I just decided to share on how I make my crossovers. This is also to help others who want to learn how to make crossovers. :)

Now making crossovers is a fun hobby, especially if you're pairing up your Избранное characters.

So here's what Ты need to make a crossover:
1. фото Editing Program - this is the main thing that Ты need in making crossovers. Ты can use any program Ты like. I use link It's an online editing website and Ты don't need to pay или register. Just get in there. xD
2. Your favored pictures. Ты can merge numerous characters in one picture, your choice.

Tip#1: Use picture with...
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