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My best Избранное Hero in the world is Jim Hawkins and Hercules. Those two are my best Избранное in the world is because I think Jim Hawkins is the most sexy boy in the whole world. I Любовь his hair and body. Hercules is just look like each other but I know that Hercules is еще different because his hair and body. They look like each other with their face and strength. I Любовь Hercules and Jim and they look different but I Любовь them to death. I have so many characters like those two that i lvoe so much in my life. I been happy about Фильмы that have cute guys in the movie или story to tell.

Jim and Hercules do different activities like surfboarding and exercise. Hercules is big and strong like the Beast. He is not scary like the Beast is because he is cool and sweet. Jim is so cute and cool is because I Любовь his actions like surfing and some other stuff that he does sometimes. I Любовь both of them and they are great like anyone else of the heros:) The end:)