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We all Любовь fanpop, but.....

Эй, Princess fans!

We all Любовь hanging around fanpop, but are there any other Форум sites (Disney related and non Дисней related) Ты visit, and how often do Ты visit them?

Here's my Список as an example:
*Pixar Planet- I spend еще time there then here at Fanpop
*Laughing Place- Everything Disney. I have an account, but I rarely visit the forums.
*WALL-E forums- I go there occasionaly.
*Behindthename- I spend qutie a bit of time there, but not as much as fanpop.
 We all Любовь fanpop, but.....
 kenzieiscool posted Больше года
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laine3 said:
i like Fanpop
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posted Больше года 
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