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Melody shut her eyes tight as she held her ball in her face, preparing for the car to crash into her. But the car's aim never came. Melody felt herself being swept off her feet by a pair of slender and soft arms. Somebody saved her! When she was gently dropped onto the sidewalk on her feet, her eyes opened. Melody found herself face to face with a young woman who bended her knees to meet Melody's level. She is a petite woman with long red hair and baby blue eyes. The young woman was also, wearing a purple tank вверх and a green юбка with matching shoes.

"Are Ты okay, honey?" the young woman asked, gently. She hoped the kid is all right. It must have been a shock for her to get almost run over by a car!

Melody is a little surprised. No one has ever called her 'honey' before.

"I think so," сказал(-а) Melody, still a little bit shaken. "W-who are you?"

"I'm Ariel Benson," Ariel smiled. "What is your name?"

Melody felt a little bit nervous answering, but this lady seemed really friendly. Why else would she save Melody then, if she was not a nice person?

"Melody Sylvia Banes," Melody answered.

"What were Ты doing in the streets, Melody?" Ariel asked.

"I was getting my ball," сказал(-а) Melody as she showed her ball to Ariel. "I..was..practicing it when I kicked too..far," Melody suddenly felt a fear in her heart. Her dad had warned her not to go into the streets! She felt completely embarrassed in front of Ariel!

"I didn't know the улица, уличный light was green! I didn't know what I was thinking! Really! Please don't think I'm stupid!" She cried. Ariel put her arms around Melody to calm her. She felt bad for the girl and could see that she was crying.

"Don't worry, it's alright," she said, soothingly. "Everybody makes mistakes." Melody softened a little, but it still didn't stop her tears from falling.

"What will my Daddy say? He'll spank me!" She cried.

"It's okay. I am sure your father will understand," Ariel said, kindly. She rubbed Melody's back to calm down her sobs. Tears stopped falling, as Melody began to calm down. Just then, they heard a young masculine voice calling.

"Melody, Melody!" Eric came running from the park and onto the sidewalk, looking pale. He was frantically looking for Melody. He hoped that his eyes were tricking him when he saw her running toward the street. His fears ceased when he saw Melody running to him.

"Daddy!" Eric embraced her.

"Melody, why were Ты running in the streets?" Eric asked, angrily, as he shook Melody by her shoulders. "Do Ты have any idea how scared I was? What were Ты thinking?"

Melody cowed in shame. "I'm sorry!" she said.

"You should know better than to-"

"Wait, Sir!"

Eric turned to see Ariel who just came over to them.

"Your daughter did not mean to run in the streets. Her ball ran away and she was trying to retrieve it," She explained. Eric studied her from toe to head and took in her figure.

Wow! She looks beauti-d'oh! Snap out of it, Eric! While he was thinking that, Ariel had also been studying Eric from toe to head.

Oh, he looks very handsome, she thought to herself, dreamily.

"Um, who are you, miss?" he asked, after getting himself out of his thoughts.

"Hmm what?" Ariel was snapped back into reality also.

"Daddy, this is Ariel Benson! She saved my life!" сказал(-а) Melody, cheerfully.

"Did she?" Eric asked.

"Yes, sir, I did," сказал(-а) Ariel.

"Thank Ты for saving my daughter, Miss Benson," сказал(-а) Eric, politely.

"It is no problem at all, sir," сказал(-а) Ariel, gratefully.

"My name is Eric. Eric Daniel Banes, so don't call me, 'sir." Eric growled.

"Sorry, I will remember that, Mr. Banes," сказал(-а) Ariel, politely, ignoring Eric's annoyed tone.

Eric was about to say something to her when they heard a young boy's voice calling Ariel from outside the deli. "Ariel, let's go! Daddy's waiting for us!"

"I have to go," сказал(-а) Ariel, with an apologetically smile. She almost forgot that her brother, Flounder, was waiting for her.

"Wait, Miss Benson!" сказал(-а) Eric, before Ariel turned to leave. "Do Ты want to have ужин with us tomorrow evening; just to thank Ты for saving my daughter's life?"

"Sure, Mr. Banes," smiled Ariel. "Where will I meet Ты and Melody?"

"At our house; here is my address," сказал(-а) Eric, as he gave her his business card. Ariel took the card. "Thank you," сказал(-а) Ariel. Then she bade them goodbye and left with Flounder.

Melody lit up like a Рождество tree. "Hurray! She's coming over tomorrow!" she shouted as she jumped up and down. "We are going to play together!"

Then an idea hit Eric. Ariel could be the nanny he's looking for! But will she accept his job offer? What if she already has a job?
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
 Coming to Magic Kingdom Fall 2012!!
Coming to Magic Kingdom Fall 2012!!

On my last trip to the Magic Kingdom at Дисней World here in Florida, I noticed that they were doing some renovations in Фэнтези Land. Дисней is very secretive when it comes to things like this, but luckily, they Опубликовано some of the changes where visitors in the park could see what they are up to.

Snow White
 Snow White Land
Snow White Land

 The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

It’s about time they paid tribute to the original Princess, if Ты asked me! Snow White is FINALLY getting her own land. Ты will get to see the Dwarfs cottage, and most excitingly, get to ride...
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Well, I just listened to all of the German versions of the Холодное сердце Soundtrack, since dclairmont and euny Опубликовано them all here on Fanpop!

I will not include the two opening songs, and fixer upper.

I'll start off by first giving Ты access to the songs, and have Ты formulate your OWN opinion before I present mine. Since, well, I don't want my opinion to sway what Ты would originally think.









Well, I guess Ты should listen to them now?


Do Ты Wanna Build a Snowman?:

Cute. Absolutely adorable. The lyrics are translated in a way that it still has the same...
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Ты voted, and here they are- the members of the 2011 Дисней Princess Фан Lineup!

Princess Jen- Our Main Princess
Username: princesslullaby
Favorite Princess: Ariel ♥
Least Избранное Princess: Aurora
Hobbies: Spending time on fanpop, playing the piano, singing, hanging out with my friends, taking care of animals....I don't really have a consistent hobby, I do knew things everyday
Disney Character I'm Most Like: Oh god. I should really think about it further, but I'm lazy, so I won't. Definitely Megara, which I am not necessarily proud to say. I have actually had numerous, NUMEROUS people tell...
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Холодное сердце (2013)
Холодное сердце
animated film
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I left all nostalgia behind so my Список changed a lot. I guess it's also because when I first joined Fanpop, I only knew the Princesses on the surface level and I based my opinions on that. I also had to re-watch all the movies, I hope it won't change again for a while. I'm sorry if I offend anyone, but I'd Любовь to argue if Ты disagree :) I like all of them so it's hard for me to put some at the bottom. Anyway, here goes.

 If Ты had a chance to change your fate, would you?
If Ты had a chance to change your fate, would you?
11. Merida
Typical spot for Merida, sorry but someone has come in last. I'm not going to judge Merida for her actions...
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♥ Дисней Холодное сердце and Дисней Princess Rapunzel ♥ Double Trouble Full Game and Дисней Рапунцель - Запутанная история Full Game
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 "I’d expect something better from a child of mine!"
"I’d expect something better from a child of mine!"
Um, so this'll be my секунда ever fanfiction, it'll be mainly Tangled/Frozen/Brave with some other characters thrown in. Be sure not to expect anything to terribly good, I'm not really a good writer. But I write anyway because I like inflicting suffering in the form of making Ты guys read this drivel.

Chapter One: Severe Disadvantage

She was at a severe disadvantage.

Her pale blond hair, now matted and haven fallen out of it’s usual neat braid, flew behind her as she ran through the woods, stepping on thorns with her bare feet. Her prisoners outfit seemed to be made to constrict movement, a...
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It is almost midnight, so I am going to apologize in advance for the weirdness and randomness that could possibly happen. This Статья has Anna and Elsa in it, hence there might be spoilers. Let's get started. ^-^

13. Snow White
Previously 12

I want to like Snow as much as I do some of the others, but sometimes the super perky people, also known as Snow White, needs to calm her happy go lucky self dowwwn. I enjoy watching her somedays when I am sad, but otherwise she gets on my nerves.

12. Cinderella
Previously 10

I hate to see Cindy slip yet again on my list. I Любовь watching her. In fact,...
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