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As Dee Dee was about to destroy the evil medallion, The Spirit of Despair transforms into a dragon. Princess Aurora whispers to the others "Don't tell me that she's Maleficent in disguise!", Dee Dee panics and the fairy Godmother passes her a magic medallion that allows her to transform into a dragon.
Dee Dee сказал(-а) the magic words, and she transform into a big Chinese dragon. The battle continues and they struggle, just as the Spirit of Despair is about to kill Dee Dee. The latter manages to destroy the evil medallion with the help of the princesses and they all hide before the evil spirit explodes!
The princesses and Dee Dee are all safely on a cave nearby, however Dee Dee is injured severely, the princesses gather around her, telling her not to die! But, she let go of her last breath.
Suddenly, a луч, рэй of light appears from nowhere and shines on Dee Dee. It lifts her up in the mid-air and swirls around, then it revives her! There is not a single wound on her, the princesses are all stunned to see Dee Dee alive again that they all hug her and flew back to Ipoh.
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It was really very difficult for Мулан to live in China,her own country only.You know,the Huns problem and all that.But what will happen when Мулан will go to Agrabah.And that to accidentally!!Find it out by Чтение the story coz its STORY TIME!

OMG!I have no idea where I am!It doesn't look like China.Its something different.Its an another country!WOW!A country I don't even know!And a country where Mandarin is not spoken!Oh my goodness!Its Arabic written everywhere!What I will do?What I will do in a place which I don't even know!

I'm Mulan. Ты maybe knowing...
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It had been two days since Lizzie had left the palace. She was tired. Her feet were sore. She had barely slept because the ground was hard and she kept hearing things in the woods. She knew she was getting close to Corona but she was so tired. Cornelia was going to pay for this big time when Lizzie got back. Lizzie was about ready to collapse when she saw a small little tavern and it had the sweetest name! The Snuggly Duckling! She was so excited she almost couldn't restrain herself. She burst through the door and almost gasped at what she found. The Snuggly утенок was not as snuggly as she...
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Lyrics to If Ты Can Dream :
There is a world where hope
And dreams can last for all time
I wonder this place to go
You know it
When your сердце will find

Hearing our song as old as rhyme
Hold my hand we're gonna fly
While a magic ride
Is just a Kiss away

If Ты can dream for wishful making
On a звезда is coming through

The Цвета of the wind will lead
My сердце right back to Ты

Cos if Ты can dream,
Reflections in a diamond sky,
Come shining on through

Romance will always be so new
And Любовь will save the день
If Ты can dream

(Snow White)
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Chapter 11

Despite Ariel's assurance, Melody still hated the idea of not having a mother. Why doesn't she have a mother? How come other kids have two parents while she has one? Mind you, not that she doesn't like her dad-no she loves him! Melody still yearns for someone who will read stories to her and Kiss daddy when he comes home.

"You don't know what happened to your mother?" Ariel asked.

Melody shook her head. "No, I don't know what happened to her."

Ariel didn't press anymore to the subject. Melody must have a been a baby when a tragedy struck her mother. Silence filled the whole room, only...
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Rapunzel lets down her hair in this teaser for the new Дисней film Tangled, but she's not the only one. Remember how in March Дисней changed the Название of the movie Rapunzel to Tangled? As Erik Davis wrote, it was to attract еще boys to the film than, say, The Princess and the Frog, which has made a mere $267M worldwide at the time of this Письмо and has the nasty word "princess" in the title.

Well, this teaser definitely ups the ante when it comes to ditching Rapunzel's long-haired legacy. Flynn Rider (Zachary Levi) is Rapunzel's accidental savior -- this smooth operator...
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Холодное сердце
Холодное сердце
Рапунцель - Запутанная история
Красавица и Чудовище
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Эй, everybody! I have an idea for a new set of Статьи we should do. I'm really interested in actually getting to know everybody on here (we only know each other a little bit,) and if everybody is interested, we should start a new Статья series called Getting to Know (Your Name Here). So mine would say, "Getting to Know Phantomrose89."

Ты could answer these questions:

First Name:
Country of Origin:
Избранное Дисней Movie:
Музыка I like:
Фильмы (besides Дисней movies) that I like:
Книги I read:
Something quirky about me:
Someone who Inspires Me:
Something I believe strongly:
A career I'd like to have:
A dream I'd like to accomplish:
A celebrity Ты like:
I most relate to this princess:
At my worst, I am:
At my best, I am:

And anything else you'd like to add. :) No one has to do this, it's just an idea to build some camaraderie. :) What do Ты think?
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This is Paige O Hara Пение the signature song from her movie that she voiced in!
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