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This Диснеевские принцессы Фан-арт contains аниме, комиксы, манга, анимационные фильмы, комикс, мультфильм, and книга комиксов.

Lately, there has been some discussion on here about princesses and their personalities- specifically whether certain princesses have personalities или whether they have sufficiently rounded personalities. I thought it would be a good idea to actually look at the personalities and the different dimensions to them to get a clearer picture of just how well-developed the princesses are as characters. This is not an Статья about whether the princess is introverted или extroverted или personality type (I’ll leave that to LightningRed,) but the personality traits of the princesses. I will be looking...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
9. Snow White

Snow White may be adorable, sweet and charming, but when she sings, glass breaks, Собаки bark and car alarms are set off. I Любовь her...she is precious, but her Пение voice is a bit high for my tastes, and apparently all of yours, since she came in last place.

"Even thought I've grown to like Snow's voice, it still gives me a headache when she sings I'm Wishing." -VGfan30

"I Любовь Snow White's voice too it's sweet and charming. It's not one of my избранное but it's really pretty I Любовь how she hits those high notes." -KataraLover

"I don't think Snow White's is awful, it just definitely...
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10. Snow White's Awakening
Although the scene was very touching with Snow White awakening, it lacked a lot of substance. The Prince seemed to come out of know where after barely appearing in the movie at all. I feel like there was a big gap in this plot, but it's still beautiful nonetheless.

9. Cinderella Fits the Glass Slipper
I'm sure we can all say that we were extremely happy when Золушка fit the glass slipper, and the evil step mother's plan failed. However, it was fairly predictable and Золушка and Prince Charming barely even knew each other so it definitely made the moment...
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 Can Ты stay forever?
Can you stay forever?
9. Mulan
Mulan is strong willed and full of spirit. Disguising herself as a male soldier to protect her Father, she sets out on a great journey of self discovery and of knowledge. Meeting many interesting characters along the way, she falls for her Captain, Li Shang. Later on they discover she is a woman, but she surprises them all by making a comeback and defeating the Hun army in the end. The ending to her story is kind of a let down. Although Shang does follow her home, there’s no sense of passion between them. No romantic Kiss или riding off into the sunset for these two. Voters didn’t...
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I think I have rarely seen a movie as overrated as “Brave”. Hell, the thing got a freaking Oscar, and while I know which kind of politics were in play for that atrocity, it is frustrating to see this movie getting the critical acclaim over something as creative as “Wreck it Ralph”. They can talk about Merida’s hair as much as they want, the movie who should have gotten the awards for this one was “Tangled”, because that was the movie for which the software which was developed further in “Brave” was invented.

I disliked the idea of Merida in the Line-Up from the get-go, too....
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One of the subjects that interest me the most about Фильмы (including DP movies) is the box-office. I think that if used in the right way (I mean, inflation-adjusting things), it might be a good way to compare Фильмы and understed why they are Популярное или not. So I spent some time researching and I finally came up with the North American grosses of the 10 DP Movies. Hope Ты enjoy my research, my Комментарии and my images.

#10 - The Princess and the Frog - $107.7 million
If the word "flop" applies to any of the DP Movies, unfortunately, it's this one. The Princess and the Frog's marketing was...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
 Why must they all be so lovable?
Why must they all be so lovable?

Oh my God...why can't my Список ever stay the same! I swear, I feel like it's constantly changing...what am I saying; IT IS constantly changing. I can't help it! Each time I watch one of their movies, my opinion changes. Let me get one thing straight...I do not dislike ANY of them. There are some that I just LOVE, and others I just "like". So don't be offended if Ты find your Избранное Princess low on my list. I like her...just the others a little more.

10. Tiana (#9 on my last list)
 The Determined Princess
The Determined Princess

There's lots of things that I like about Tiana,...
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Other than Disney, my big fandom is Harry Potter. I generally sort people into houses, so I thought it would be fun to play Sorting Hat with the princesses. My sorting isn’t just by traits and house characteristics, but also a lot by personality, so some of them might not make too much sense at first.

Snow White: Hufflepuff
I know, none of Ты expected it. Snow White in Hufflepuff, this is probably the biggest shocker in an Статья of mine since I put Ariel’s Пение voice at the bottom of my list.
All sarcasm aside, is there really any other house for her? She is one of the most hardworking...
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