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This Диснеевские принцессы Фан-арт contains аниме, комиксы, манга, анимационные фильмы, комикс, мультфильм, and книга комиксов.

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At long last, the long-awaited избранное Список I always mentioned but was too meticulous about Письмо and incredibly distracted from to actually finish! So sorry it took so long. I talk about things I dislike about some of the princesses, but keep in mind that I still Любовь them all.

13. Belle:
Previous Position: 12

I respect Belle еще now and even like her personality еще after coming here. I just don’t care for her much или really relate to her, aside from being a daydreamer and wanting adventure when I was younger. I don't think her personality is that inspiring или original, which would be...
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Lately, there has been some discussion on here about princesses and their personalities- specifically whether certain princesses have personalities или whether they have sufficiently rounded personalities. I thought it would be a good idea to actually look at the personalities and the different dimensions to them to get a clearer picture of just how well-developed the princesses are as characters. This is not an Статья about whether the princess is introverted или extroverted или personality type (I’ll leave that to LightningRed,) but the personality traits of the princesses. I will be looking...
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I've been planning on doing this for a long while and now I've finally done it. In my opinion this is my perspective of the best Дисней Princess role models. What works for me might not work for someone else and what doesn't work for me might work for someone else. Please take into account that this is just my opinion and I promise I'm not being biased and this is my complete honest opinion, enjoy and I look вперед to seeing your comments.


She's actually the only Дисней Princess that I consider a bad role model. Part of that is because of her lack of screen time so unlike the...
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10. Aurora
I have nothing against her, but she is not that Храбрая сердцем in my opinion. The only thing Храбрая сердцем that comes to my mind of her is to talk with a boy that Ты don't know, and then flirt with him. To me, that is something that takes an outgoing person to do, and I'm not that outgoing.

Again, I have nothing against her, but she is still not that brave. Sure she is brave, but not as Храбрая сердцем as the other people on this list.She worked as a servant girl almost all her life. And that my friends, is something I would despise doing. But she didn't just run away. So that is why it got her...
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Ariel is probably the hardest princess to find Актрисы for. Alot of the women who play could her, like Alyson Hannigan, are alittle old now. Anyway don't expect to see Amy Adams because she's already Giselle and I find her very unnattractive.

5.Emma Stone
Even though Emma is pretty much the princess of Hollywood right now, I don't think she's that good of choice to play Ariel. Sure she has red hair and blue eyes but I don't think she's ever played a role similar to a bubbly princess. Which is why she's at the bottom.

4.Miley Cyrus
I know guys, but let's face it, She Looks Like Ariel....
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It is my first artical on this spot,please comment.When I first watch this movie I totally with Любовь Cinderella’s story. And now I wanted to tell about my opinions in different ages.

5 years old
Cinderella, poor young girl which dreaming about here happiness, I want sometimes found my Prince Charming, why now we haven’t balls. Золушка she is very poor she Остаться в живых her parents and this evil Stepmother. Why she is so evil, she can just be еще polite to Cinderella. For example when she grows up she can help all family. When I can rewatch it? When it would be a sequel?
I must watch again It.*with...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
One of my all time Избранное authors is Jane Austen. When I read her novels I feel as if I have been transported to a different time and place; I feel the same way when I watch a Дисней movie. They both take my mind off of my every день life, and take me into a world with chivalry, and romance. I’ve always thought Belle and Elizabeth Bennet were a lot alike, and lately I’ve been Чтение a lot of Jane Austen, and watching some of the Фильмы that have been inspired by her work, and I thought about Письмо this article. I’m going to match up each Дисней Princess with a heroine from a Jane...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
9. Snow White

Snow White may be adorable, sweet and charming, but when she sings, glass breaks, Собаки bark and car alarms are set off. I Любовь her...she is precious, but her Пение voice is a bit high for my tastes, and apparently all of yours, since she came in last place.

"Even thought I've grown to like Snow's voice, it still gives me a headache when she sings I'm Wishing." -VGfan30

"I Любовь Snow White's voice too it's sweet and charming. It's not one of my избранное but it's really pretty I Любовь how she hits those high notes." -KataraLover

"I don't think Snow White's is awful, it just definitely...
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this is the hottest prince rankings Статья blah blah thanks to CuteDiana for the Обои and ppgbelle4 for being awesome and listing them :)

10.Prince Charming
I think Charming's problem is that nothing about him looks natural. His hair looks painted on, his nose is too small, his eyes are super tiny...but he does have a gorgeous smile. Poor Charming, no one ranked him above #5. Those who did certainly are marching to the beat of their own dumb! I mean drum. ....:D

High Rank (1-3):

Mid-Rank (4-7):
KataraLover (5)
disneyfan500 (5)

Low Rank (8-10):
boolander25 (8)
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Before Ты start to read Ты should now how totally awsome my english is (yeah right, there is gonna be some grammer that is wrong and misspelled words, but whatever, If Ты can´t see past that then Ты are not my friend!).

Ok, I Любовь the Дисней Princess Фильмы (Who Doesn´t?). I Любовь everything about them, the songs, the story even the villians. But the Дисней Princesses are what really makes the movie. And I Любовь everyone of them. I bet that Ты can find something in every single one of the DP´s that Ты like. And as much as I Любовь everyone of them, I have made a Список where I have ranked...
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A/N- Just a little Рождество story. I wrote this in the style of "Beauty
and the Beast" because...I don't know. The Фильмы have been on
for two days and it just came to me.

Disclaimer: Don't own any of these characters they belong to Disney.

"Which would Ты two like to read tonight?" I asked the two
little girls who were currently content in being held by their papa.
It had been 6 years since the spell had been broken, since the
wedding had taken place, and since the birth of our two adorable
twin girls. Adam and I had been ruling over France for the past two
years after his uncle, who had taken...
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Disclaimer: I don’t find any of the princesses stupid, sure, some of them may be naive and reckless, but not stupid and Ты know this is true, because I always tell the true, in like all 30% percent of the cases.

Also, I am going to estimate their IQ, in case Ты don’t know

Below 90 is under average, but I doubt that any of the princesses has that low IQ
90-110 average
110-130 above average
130- considered incredibly smart
150 and more- genius

Now, it’s unfair to judge about her because we never really got to see what Aurora really is, but from the few things she did in her 18...
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