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Welcome to the 2nd Princess Personality article! Like the Назад Статья about Belle's personality, this one about Snow White is still using the MBTI assessment.


1. Extraverted link

Extraverts often:
Have high energy
Talk еще than listen
Think out loud
Act, then think
Like to be around people a lot
Prefer a public role
Can sometimes be easily distracted
Prefer to do lots of things at once
Are outgoing & enthusiastic

Although Snow White was without human companion under her stepmother's wicked rule, she had plenty of animal friends. In fact, Snow White was always surrounded...
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With the pending release of two “Snow White” revamps, boasting Kristin Stewart and Lily Collins in the leading roles – I began to wonder: look-wise, who could fill the shoes of the other 9 princesses? And after exhausting Google image, I’ve found my answer. These celebrity-princess doppelgangers share еще than merely eye and hair colour; in fact, many are practically identical. Give their faces and features еще than a quick glance and I promise you’ll agree.

 Amanda Seyfriend as Rapunzel
Amanda Seyfriend as Rapunzel

This is the only picture I can’t claim credit for – but kudos to its maker for pairing...
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Who is the most beautiful Дисней heroine ever drawn according to Fanpop princess fans? Let's find out, shall we? This Список does not necessarily reflect my own personal opinion but instead shows the results according to approximately forty voters per round. We'll work our way to the вверх starting at number fifteen...

 Kida is about eighty eight hundred years old but doesn't look a день over 22.
Kida is about eighty eight hundred years old but doesn't look a день over 22.

15. Poor Kida. Her film was considered second-rate Дисней by most and her looks don't get much appreciation either. To her credit, Kida is one of the most unique princesses in appearance and personality....
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In honor of Valentines день coming up I'm making a Список of my вверх 14 Избранное Любовь songs from animated movies. Starting with my least favorite, number 14, each день I will add a Любовь song I like and on Valentines день I will reveal my number one Избранное Любовь song from an animated movie and this Статья will be complete :)

14. One Song - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

I really like this song because it's so romantic but it's kinda dull compared to my other Избранное in my opinion...But I'm totally in Любовь with the lyrics like
'One heart
Tenderly beating
Ever entreating
Constant and true'
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Snow White ___________________________

In the beginning of the Grimm's Tale Schneewittchen, Snow White's mother pricks her finger with a sewing needle and three drops of her blood fall onto the snow which lay on the ebony windowsill. Oddly enough, this made her long for a daughter of a similar color scheme. While this reflects the arc of the story: (white)innocence, (red)maturity & love, and (black)death, her name particularly represents a season when the world metaphorically sleeps only to be inevitably awakened with the coming of spring.

_______________________________ Cinderella...
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It's no secret that I absolutely DESPISE the movie The Little Mermaid 3: Ariel's Beginning. It's absolutely insulting, has terrible continuity, the original characters (except for Ariel) are completely different characters, Triton is a one-dimensional and exaggerated version of his former self, the story about Музыка being banned is stupid, the villain is lame with an equally lame song, it's full of plot holes, the new characters are unnecessary and unmemorable, Athena died in a dumb way (Leave the Музыка box Ты idiot), and it puts еще effort into gorgeous Анимация and good songs (Except for...
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While the Princess Party line of DVD's had the goal of accompanying Дисней Princess-themed parties, the Princess Stories line has the much еще general purpose of serving as everyday entertainment for young girls everywhere. As a result, there's a significant dip in quality from the Party line to the Stories line. We're going to take and look and see just how bad that decline is!

DVD Content
Just like in my last review, I'll go over all of the categories of the DVD one at a time. But first, it's necessary to talk about the presentation. When Ты first pop in the disk, you're shown a young girl's...
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Hello, I'm PrueFever, a 32 years old guy from Denmark and a Major Дисней Fan! My all-time Избранное Дисней Movie is The Little Mermaid, Walt Disney's 28th full-lenght animated classic from 1989. I just Любовь all the characters in the movie, the songs, the score and the animation. I grew up with Mermaid, it was the first Дисней Movie I saw, so there's definitely nostalgic reasons as well, I'm not gonna deny that! I can always watch the movie and my mood goes up 100%! It never fails to amaze me. Also, the voice actors in this movie is spetacular! Jodi Benson is great as Ariel and even greater as...
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