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Диснеевские принцессы
 We know where the princesses stand... but what about their movies? Well, if Ты read this then you'll find out!
We know where the princesses stand... but what about their movies? Well, if you read this then you'll find out!
I had one for the princesses, but what about the Фильмы they're from? Gah, this was so hard to decide. ;_____;
Yes, I like a good joke and yes, I swear like a sailor. Fucking deal with it. If I say something Ты don't like, then too bad. It was a joke.
Anyway, on with the countdown!

9) Sleeping Beauty

SNOW WHITE ISN'T LAST? I know, what a shocker.
I watched this quite recently and it bored me. A lot. The Музыка isn't amazing, it's not very long and there aren't enough gags. Aurora is pretty personalityless and that really sums up the whole movie. It has the makings for...
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    Soon, Tiana came over, announcing, “I suppose you’re hungry… well, we got some gumbo ready!”
    Snow White told the others, “The meat pie is coming beautifully and is all ready for us to eat!”
    “Let’s go!” Ariel exclaimed, and soon, Cogsworth and Lumiere brought the dishes to the table. The princesses ate with Хор during the table. Belle sat at the end, with Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, and Мулан on one side and Jasmine, Aurora, Pocahontas, and Tiana on the other.
    Lumiere and Cogsworth...
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The princesses have finally arived to the замок of darkness what will happen lets find out. "Oh my this замок is creepy еще scary than the forbidden mountains" сказал(-а) Aurora. "Oh I'm scared" сказал(-а) Snow White. "I know your scared we're all scared but we have to go and save our princes" сказал(-а) Ariel. "Well how are we gonna find a way in other than useing the front door" сказал(-а) Mulan. "Well maybe there's a way under" сказал(-а) Belle. "Or maybe a secret path" сказал(-а) Tiana. "Or maybe a magic lever" сказал(-а) Jasmine. "Or maybe we could climb" сказал(-а) Pocahontas. "Or we could go threw the front entrance and sneak past...
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WARNING: Beware of unfortunate events in this chapter. Rated PG.

    Lady Tremaine and Gaston continued to look for the King of Hearts. With a grunt of annoyance, Gaston told Lady Tremaine, “Forget this puzzle. I’m going to shoot down the maze!” and he got out his gun.
    Lady Tremaine turned around to Gaston excitedly. “That’s it! Oh, and shoot those cards too!” Lady Tremaine suggested with a grin.
    Gaston instantly shot through several hedges, and the two vile villains quickly climbed through and arrived at the end of...
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    “Do Ты four need help?” the fairy godmother asked with a sorrow expression.
    “Yes, we do,” Золушка told her. “Lucifer and Lilith guard the door, and with us tied up, we probably won’t get out.”
    “Hmm…maybe we need to get them out with some help…” the Феи whispered and then giggled.
    Belle whispered, “But how?”
    “We are going to teleport some help…now Ты should all wait for everyone else, we want to create chaos for Gaston and Lady Tremaine.”...
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Ты voted, and here they are- the members of the 2011 Дисней Princess Фан Lineup!

Princess Jen- Our Main Princess
Username: princesslullaby
Favorite Princess: Ariel ♥
Least Избранное Princess: Aurora
Hobbies: Spending time on fanpop, playing the piano, singing, hanging out with my friends, taking care of animals....I don't really have a consistent hobby, I do knew things everyday
Disney Character I'm Most Like: Oh god. I should really think about it further, but I'm lazy, so I won't. Definitely Megara, which I am not necessarily proud to say. I have actually had numerous, NUMEROUS people tell...
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Choosing a career path is a lot еще complicated than it looks. I only did this for fun so enjoy!

I would like to thank:

for their career suggestions on my poll!

 Oh my gosh! Have Ты ever seen anything so wonderful in your entire life?
Oh my gosh! Have Ты ever seen anything so wonderful in your entire life?
Ariel: Antiques Store Owner
This was pretty obvious, Ariel loves beautiful things and I mean LOVE. She'll have to major in Social Sciences to manage her store properly but it's nothing she can't handle.

 Why? After all, I am sixteen.
Why? After all, I am sixteen.
Aurora: впп, взлетно-посадочная полоса Model
It depends which type of model...
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I saw sweetie-94 make one, so I decided to make one too. Technically I should have Опубликовано this on the Дисней Crossover spot, but I have seen people on here say they don't know how to make icons/crossovers so I Опубликовано it here in case some people want to know what sites to use. I only have four recommended sites, and all four were in sweetie-94's list, if you've read it. So I'm just making this Статья for fun, really.

4: Ribbet
This was the first фото editing site I've ever tried, and at first I thought it was amazing. But now, I realize its effects aren't as good as the other sites. But...
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1. Congratulations on winning Фан of the Month! How do Ты feel?
Surprised, in a good way! I mean, I wasn’t expecting to be voted for this category. I’ve written fewer and fewer articles, lately. I rarely post Опросы and pictures anymore. And it’s not because I don’t Любовь Дисней and Дисней Princess (my apartment is full of Дисней movies, and I always have it in my system to an extent), but I live a busy, chaotic life outside of this club family. And that life absorbs a lot of my waking hours, time and energy. So, being nominated--- let alone being told I as FOTM—was an surprise to me!...
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Source: The Little Mermaid: 30th Anniversary Signature Collection Edition Blu-Ray
On the eighth день of Princess Walt Дисней gave to me

Eight mice a-sewing

seven dwarves dancing
six sisters singing
five cursed friend

four braiding girls
three fairy spells
two lucky pals
and the wisdom of an old tree.

I guess I have to apologize...I did my best to create pages featuring the princesses as the sole centre of attraction, but with жасмин that is a little bit difficult because she is usually featured with Aladdin, rarely alone. I could have either found или created a picture of жасмин if I really wanted to, but I really liked this one and it just seemed to fit her the best. So I made...
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Okay so this is really late and I'm putting it up kinda late in the night, on Thanksgiving, no less. But I finally rewatched Храбрая сердцем tonight! I got a subscription to Disney+ at the start of this месяц and I finally set up my account on my mom's tv (if I'm going to leech off her Netflix and Hulu, she can at least be able to use my Disney+) and my niece put on Brave, one of her Избранное movies, and we all sat down and watched it together :)

Today's rewatch: Brave
Last time watched: August 2017

How much did I like this movie when it came out?
So when this movie was advertised I was excited to watch...
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Just a heads up there's going to be a lot of sad personal stuff brought up so if Ты don't want to read this that's totally understandable.

Today's rewatch: Moana
Last time watched: July 6, 2017

How much did I like this movie when it came out?

I had some reservations about this movie because I didn't know for sure if it was going to be good especially since I hadn't seen too much stuff about it. But after hearing How Far I'll Go I knew I wanted to watch this movie even if it was just to hear that song on the big screen. My husband and I saw it for my birthday and even though the villain twist...
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