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Yes, I’m back with another public poll. This time: the Kindest Дисней Princess. This Список is a combination of votes, comments, and my own opinion (as I didn’t really get enough Голоса for a clear ranking).

13. Merida
I’m usually the person defending Merida, honestly I am. I HATE it when people call her spoiled and an unworthy Дисней princess. However, while she is not a brat, she’s not exactly the kindest girl ever. She’s harsh about her suitors, she says some unforgivable things to her mum and she often does things that could be described as selfish. No matter how much I Любовь her,...
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You'll notice that characters created around the same time as each other tend to share traits that are Популярное at the time или big with the artist/director/etc who works with them.

However, I'm not here to talk about personalities. Those have already been covered by many interesting authors who explore the topics far еще effectively than I could. What I want to talk about is common overarching themes I have noticed in each generation of princesses.

Classic Princesses

A common theme with the first three Дисней princesses (Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora) I think is maintaining hope and optimism...
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 Eleven beautiful princesses...
Eleven beautiful princesses...
I've done hair and face lists for the princesses so far, but that's only physical qualities from the neck up. So this time I'll tackle the princesses bodies, everything from the neck down. After all, isn't that where all the good stuff is? By 'good stuff' I mean the heart, of course.

11. Snow White
Sorry, Snow, I know you're at the bottom of all my lists, but Walt himself сказал(-а) they were still learning when they made Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, anyway. One good thing about Snow White's body is that she looks her age. Snow is supposed to be fourteen, and she looks fourteen. That's a good...
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posted by dimitri_
 I Любовь them <3
I love them <3
I saw KataraLover and sweetie-94 doing these kinds of Статьи so I decided to do this too but with Мулан and Pocahontas.

They are both confused and Поиск for spiritual guidance. Neither are very... optimistic. They have еще in common than that but I will explain it all reviewing the aspects.

Since Pocahontas follows her intuition and wanted to choose her own path, Мулан is much еще obedient than Pocahontas. Pocahontas isn't into serious guys and Mulan, well... just look at Shang. Мулан is literally a fighter and Pocahontas is against. Мулан мопед around a lot in the...
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 The receiver
The receiver
I know this is kinda a weird countdown, but here ya go.

10. The Prince
I don't see him giving any wedgies at all. If anything, I think he'd be the one receiving them from everyone else.

9. Prince Charming
Just like with the Prince, I don't see Charming giving any wedgies. He might give the occasional wedgie, but only to the Prince.

8. Prince Phillip
This guy would give so many wedgies to the other two classic princes that it's not funny.

7. Shang
He doesn't always give wedgies, but when he does, Ты better believe that it'll being excruciatingly painful.

6. Adam/Beast
Beginning-of-the-movie Beast...
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posted by rhythmicmagic
People say that Ariel never learned a lesson in The Little Mermaid and that she never really was sorry for what she did. I kind of agreed with this until I watched The Little Mermaid last night, and I realized that she does actually learn a lesson.

When people like to defend Ariel, they tend to point to this line:
Daddy, I'm sorry! I - I - I didn't mean to. I didn't know –
However, those who say Ariel doesn’t learn anything say it is only one moment, and that she was really just sorry she got caught.
 The weaker scene everyone remembers
The weaker scene everyone remembers

However, no one pays attention to the scene after...
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posted by rhythmicmagic
 What, someone's actually going to defend me?
What, someone's actually going to defend me?
People have been doing these kinds of Статьи for their Избранное princesses lately, so I thought I’d do this for one of my Избранное characters from a DP movie. She is a character I feel is really underappreciated and gets a lot of unfair hate. Ты can read some of the negative things people have to say about her on milky-way’s link. I really Любовь Nakoma and feel a desire to defend her.

First of all, I want to defend her against something I’ve seen сказал(-а) about her (it wasn’t in that article, I’m not sure where it was, but I know I’ve seen it) that is just blatantly unfair and untrue....
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This is just my opinion. I don't mean to offend anyone with it, and I'm еще than open to thoughts, comments, and suggestions.

1. Minnie Mouse: She does portray a princess, queen, duchess, lady, pretty much everything from time-to-time, but she's also like the Queen of ALL things Disney, so I don't think she needs to be a Дисней Princess. And the Mickey stories aren't consistent with each other like DP ones. Each movie/TV series/special has its own plot, setting, and character development, so it'd be hard to place who exactly Minnie is. There's really no strict canon, and she already gets enough...
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Lately, there has been some discussion on here about princesses and their personalities- specifically whether certain princesses have personalities или whether they have sufficiently rounded personalities. I thought it would be a good idea to actually look at the personalities and the different dimensions to them to get a clearer picture of just how well-developed the princesses are as characters. This is not an Статья about whether the princess is introverted или extroverted или personality type (I’ll leave that to LightningRed,) but the personality traits of the princesses. I will be looking...
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I decided to write this because there's always a moment where each of these princesses aren't happy so well here we go :)

The only rule I had was that the princess has to Показать any feeling except happiness for majority of the scene so not the whole scene that's too hard to find almost at least!

Snow White: The Forest Scene

This is in my opinion one of the scariest movie moments, maybe even the scariest, it scares me whenever I watch the scene. What makes me Любовь this scene so much is the animation, it's so well done that it scares me. This scene clearly shows that Дисней has a dark side!...
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I'm on a heroine kick, the female, not the drug. After doing that Статья about Jane and Kida, I decided to make my own official line-up of Дисней Heriones and rank them while I'm at it. So this is sort of a Список and sort of a plain article. Anyway, I kinda set afew rules for myself.
1.She has to be human, but even then the only big losses are Lady and Nala.
2.She can be any age.
3.She has to have some similarities to at least one of the official princesses.
4.Two can be from the same film.So let's get started.

Counterpart: Aurora-long blonde hair, actually a princess
I watched her...
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posted by JNTA1234
 The 10 OFFICIAL Дисней Princesses
The 10 OFFICIAL Disney Princesses
Alot of people Дебаты over this, so I thought I'd be the one to address it. Who's royalty или who's not royalty really doesn't matter to me but I'm just going to tell Ты guys who's techinically a princess and who isn't . I will address the royal status of each in Болталка order.

First of all, Мулан is not a princess in anyway, we all know this. But Ты could say she's royalty as she was дана the crest of the Emperor. Not to mention all of China bowing down to her. So while Мулан isn't royalty, she's certainly not a commoner.

Technically, she isn't a princess either. Belle obviously wasn't...
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posted by JNTA1234
 Who is the girliest of them all?
Who is the girliest of them all?
Some people Дебаты over this but here's my opinion. By the way I think all the princesses are feminine, if they weren't they wouldn't be added to the lineup.

1.Tomboy/10.Girly Girl-Pocahontas
In my opinion, she's the most tomboyish. She's the only princess I'd describe as masculine. She climbs trees, she jumps off cliffs and she's very athletic. Pocahontas' playful and mischievious in a boyish way. She prefers to go off playing in the woods rather doing her people's equivalent of housework. The thing is, when Pocahontas does these tomboyish things, she's doing them by choice. All the rough stuff...
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There's been a slight change to Aurora's list. Basically I just copied and paste all the words and made a simple switch. There's a new #1.

5.Blake Lively
This choice is purely based on appearance because personally I think this girl is a terrible actress. But I also think she's beautiful enough to play Aurora. Besides, it's not like she has to do much.

4.Amber Heard
Now this actress actually is talented but keeps doing borderline awful projects. Amber has definitely has the sex appeal to play this role. She's one of my Избранное Актрисы right now and I think she could do a great job....
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Okay, so here are the Актрисы for Belle, it was pretty easy. Let's get started. This is the first Список that doesn't have any "Teen Stars".

5.Leighton Meester
She probably looks the most like Belle out of all the actresses. The facial structure, the hair, everything is exact. So why is Leighton only #5? Well the Далее 4 Актрисы have to proven to be much еще talented and can do twice as good of a job.

4.Christy Carlson Romano
Some of Ты may not know her или just don't remember her. She played Ren on Even Stevens, voiced Kim on Kim Possible. And she actually played Belle on broadway,...
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Ariel is probably the hardest princess to find Актрисы for. Alot of the women who play could her, like Alyson Hannigan, are alittle old now. Anyway don't expect to see Amy Adams because she's already Giselle and I find her very unnattractive.

5.Emma Stone
Even though Emma is pretty much the princess of Hollywood right now, I don't think she's that good of choice to play Ariel. Sure she has red hair and blue eyes but I don't think she's ever played a role similar to a bubbly princess. Which is why she's at the bottom.

4.Miley Cyrus
I know guys, but let's face it, She Looks Like Ariel....
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