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So,a lot of users on Fanpop did its' opinion on Frozen,so I wanted to write my own opinion on that movie,too.It's the newest Дисней movie,and there's a lot of arguments on it,so I tought that I can make my thoughts on it.
I want to state that this is just MY opinion,I don't mean to hurt или hate anybody.
Also,forgive me for few mistakes,English isn't my native language.
Enjoy :)

I like Frozen.I don't Любовь it,but I like it.The story is okay,the characters are good,and that's it.I enjoyed watching it,but I don't think that Холодное сердце is perfect.
This Статья will be spread in 3 parts:Characters,Story and...
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Эй, guys! I've been meaning to write an Статья about my Избранное Princess wardrobes for a while, but there were two major problems. The first problem was that I didn't know where to place them, and the секунда problem was pure freaking laziness. But, I finally decided to stop being lazy, get my crap together, and write the list. Sequels will not be included, which sadly means I won't be including my Избранное Rapunzel outfit, her wedding dress. And, oh yeah, Anna and Elsa will be included. Sue me. So, let's get started! *Note* Please excuse awful collages.

13. Ariel
I Любовь Ariel, but honestly,...
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For such a successful and expensive film, Frozen's complete lack of diversity (particularly ethnic diversity) really vexed me. Холодное сердце has four main human characters and out of the four:
- Four are white
- Four are all apparently straight
- Three are blonde
Looking at this, Ты can tell there is very little variation in Frozen's main cast. In ethnic terms, there really is no excuse of this. Холодное сердце needed еще POC.

I have heard one main argument (read: excuse) why Холодное сердце didn't have any racially diverse characters (and no: I am not counting black background characters). Some say that Frozen...
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This is a serious article. Eyebrows frame your face so Ты need to have the right pair. I spend way too much time plucking and grooming my eyebrows so yeah, I think eyebrows are very aesthetically important. I noticed the results look a bit like my non-existent prettiest Princess Список with a few exceptions of course.

13. Mulan
They are Asian looking alright, with the shape. I promise I don't have anything against big eyebrows but Mulan's kind of overpower her eyes and they look a bit untamed. They are definitely not bad, just comparing to the others. Shang has nice strong arched eyebrows though....
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Forget about all of your opinions on Hans. Just for a минута forget about any of his scheming или backstabbing that happens later in the movie. Imagine that Ты came into to this movie not expecting a villain, или at the very least expecting Elsa to be a villain. What would be the impression Ты would have of Hans?

My bet is that it would be almost the exact same as Anna's. In the first час of the movie, Hans gives no implication that he is anything other than what he appears. A kind, gentlemanly, slightly awkward young man who is looking for a sense of adventure and a way to escape the overbearing...
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I was looking through my Статьи and realised I didn't have an Статья in which I examined Ariel in depth. I decided to amend that by Письмо about a subject it's fun to think about - Ariel's розовый dress.

Most Фаны can agree (I think) that the dress looks quite bad on Ariel. There are several reasons for this: the sleeves are ridiculously puffy and makes her arms look misshapen and the shaping of the юбка looks... Odd. I just think it's too puffy and big in general.

Another Популярное reason for the dress looking odd is that a red hair/pink dress combo doesn't work:

However, I...
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One of the best things about Дисней princess films are their princesses(obviously) and songs. As a singer, Музыка lover, and actor, I've always paid close attention to the voices that bring these wonderful characters and songs to life. I am picky about the voices I like but can admit that no princess has a bad voice, some are just much better than others. Share your opinions.
13. Snow White
Let me begin by saying that I'm ranking both Пение and speaking voices and that even though she's at the bottom, I don't hate Snow White's voice. Let's be honest here, most people find her voice to be annoying....
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Third Статья in three days? I have a life..heh...heh..ANYWAYS, I've heard multiple times people calling Elsa complex, but they usually don't give an argument to back that up, so I decided to write this! I've also heard a lot of complaints from Холодное сердце haters asking how Elsa is so complex, so I'm Письмо this for that as well. Anyway let's get started! I hope Ты enjoy! :)

Characteristics of a Complex Character (gotten online):

1. He или she undergoes an important change as the plot unfolds.

2. The changes he или she experiences occur because of his или her actions или experiences in the story.

3. Changes...
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