Диснеевские принцессы Дисней Store 17'' Limited Edition Doll ANNA Round 5: Pick your LEAST Избранное doll

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2019 Дисней Store
2014 Дисней Store
2020 Дисней Store
2019 Saks Fifth Avenue
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 WhiteLagoon13 posted ·29 дней назад
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WhiteLagoon13 picked 2014 Дисней Store:
ROUND 1 ELIMINATION: 2015 Disney Store (Frozen Fever)
ROUND 2 ELIMINATION: 2017 Disney Store (Olaf's Frozen Adventure)
ROUND 3 ELIMINATION: 2015 Disney Store
ROUND 4 ELIMINATION: 2013 Disney Store

We're left with, in my opinion, Anna's 4 best dolls. I'm voting for the 2014 DS one; it's actually nice enough and it shows her in her most recognizable outfit, but I think the other 3 dolls are more beautiful.
posted ·29 дней назад.
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LMH5113 picked 2019 Дисней Store:
I think the faces on the other dolls are better than this one.
posted ·28 дней назад.
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wavesurf picked 2019 Дисней Store:
I suppose.
posted ·28 дней назад.