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Which Дисней Villain’s Style Should Ты Steal?

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Which Disney Villain’s Style Should You Steal?
The crazy fashions of Disney’s Descendants currently has us obsessed with Villain’s style.
We love how each of the characters express their personal style, with a nod to their parents’ fashion through patterns and accessories.
Want to add a touch of villainy to your own outfit? Take this quiz to find out which of the Disney Villain’s style you should channel.
You love the drama of dark colors and clean lines. Look to Maleficent to inspire you with her sleek silhouette, drapey cape, and strong brow. She’s also a great role model when it comes to making an entrance.
You should steal your style from the Evil Queen!
You know what you like and stick to your personal style. Take inspiration from the Evil Queen’s bold cowl with the help of a bright red lip, and her ability to rock a signature necklace.
Your style is edgy and perfectly imperfect. True, Cruella is quite cruel, but we do love her signature LBD and rocking bright red heels. Take inspiration from her ability to be carefully disheveled.
Jafar has a flair for the extreme and is an expert at eyeliner. Take inspiration from his gold accessories, though maybe not from his diabolical plotting.
You should steal Mother Gothel\'s villainous style!
Let’s face it, Mother Gothel’s cape game is amazing. She also has the best most curly dark brown hair ever. Take inspiration from her natural waves and bohemian look.
Ursula is oozing with style, even though she admits herself that she’s quite the villain. Take inspiration from her signature red lips and shell-inspired jewelry.
Find more Disney Villains style inspiration with Kohl’s D-Signed line featuring the Descendants.
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